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Do A Little Good Deed Today

Children’s Aid Society :D
Stumbled upon a post on the senior’s class blog about helping out Children’s Aid Society, Singapore. Well, the post is meant for the seniors but I think I am interested in registering with the ones interested.

Why? Do a little good deed today. College life is not all about studying and participating actively in CCAs. We have all grown up and know that there are lots of people and welfare organisations out there that really need help from the general public in terms of volunteers. Volunteerism in Singapore is neither strong nor weak – it’s somewhere in between. This means that there are still not enough volunteers circulating around this small little lion city to help those in need. And this is when we can come into play! :razz:

I’ve always wanted to help others in the means of volunteerism, but then for my entire secondary school years academic hold ups are already enough to kill off all my free time. Well, now in college my weekends are practically free and unfilled, and so every weekend I ended up stoning in front of the window or stoning in front of the computer screen doing nothing. How I wish I can help.

My 2 main worries about being a volunteer:

  • I fear that the organisation which I am volunterring for might expect too much from me.
  • I am worried that I might be converted to a full-time volunter which I might in the end have no time to catch up with my school work.

But yes, I am definitely in volunteer work. I’ve read through the guidelines to be a volunteers (do’s and don’ts) and found that, hey, there are quite a lot of restrictions to what a volunteer can actually do. But well, those are for the welfare of the kids that needed help from us. We are there to brighten up their life, and not make their life more miserable. So the rules are not meant to break :)

How I wish I can lend a helping hand to a child that really needs it. Instead of wasting my entire weekend, I don’t see the purpose why should I think twice before being a volunteer.

While typing this post I’ve actually made a decision… I’m in!!! :D *But when should I register?*

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