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Game Over

I am feeling pretty glad that somebody actually stood up and told me a list of things about myself that irritated everyone. No wonder I’ve getting cold shoulders for the past 2 months.

It is really hard to admit the fact that my social circle went crumbling a few weeks ago, TOTALLY and COMPLETELY. I knew it, but I try to hide it. Until today that person was brave enough to say something to me – I need a change. That sort of woke me up from the fantasy dream I’ve been indulging in for the past few weeks. And I am sad because nobody bothered to tell me that my attitude is wrong, i.e. being insensitive sometimes and talking too much and being too noisy sometimes. So sincerely, I would like to say a big thank you to the person who managed to wake me up from my dreams today.

I finally see reality. Reality is harsh and hurts. That explain why I’ve been secretly shedding tears since Economics lecture all the way to Chemistry lecture today (I bet nobody noticed it, haha). The dinner with Nicholas, Sean, Valerie and Eva at Bukit Timah Market made me feel much better.

Haiz, maybe it’s a time for me to change. You see, I have to adapt to the environment and I can’t except people to change because of me. Now I know what to change in myself and what to retain. Don’t worry too much about me ok? I’m only worried that nobody will give me the chance to change.

Game over for game of life – death.

Game over for game of monopoly – bankrupt.

Game over for Singapore Idol – got voted out.

Game over for social networking game? I really don’t know. But I think I’ve more or less experienced the devastating effect and went through the worst emotional transition today morning.

It’s all over. Game over, Terry.

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