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Final Destination 3

Director: James Wong

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Texas Battle,
Alexz Johnson

Now now. What we have over here is the 3rd episode of Final Destination, a movie meant to feeds our voyeuristic needs and also meant to make us feel scared about death. It also makes its audience feel horrified after a lucky escape from a potentially fatal accident, because YOU CAN’T CHEAT DEATH (that’s what the movie is trying to say and emphasize over the 3 episodes), and if you managed to escape death IT WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE EVENTUALLY.

I waited quite long for this movie to be screened in Singapore, since the it was first screened in the US on the 14th of February. But I should also feel lucky :razz:, considering the release date of the movie is on the 11th of March in Australia and Singapore as the 3rd country for the movie to be first screened. :) The movie was rated NC16, and I turned 16 a few months back, so lucky :D (because of some very mild nudity)

Okay, the movie is all about death again (duh!). Wendy Christensen, a young photographer, premonitioned that while she is riding the roller coaster, Devil’s Flight, with her friends, the coaster crashed after a series of coincidental failures, claiming all the lives of its riders. So she sort of saved her friends’ lives by stopping them to board the roller coaster. On the other hand, the new thing about this movie (unlike the previous 2) is that all photos taken in the theme park before the fatal ride to ultimate death are clues to their next death. Sounds scary…

Wendy had a bad feeling about the coaster when she saw this icon at the roller coaster’s entrance.

A scene of the horrified riders just before the coaster crashed – in Wendy’s premonition.
Now let’s see a screenshot taken during the production process.

Director James Wong as the cast on the fated and fatal roller coaster ride of Devil’s Flight.
Like the previous 2 episodes of Final Destination, the survivors of the Final Destination are then being killled in the sequence same as the sequence which they’re killed in the disaster which they escaped (in this case, the roller coaster ride). And in Final Destination 3, Wendy the one who premonitioned the disaster, saw all the grusome death of the remaining survivors, and surprisingly she didn’t end up crazy nor mad :?????: sort of wierd. If I am her I would have been crazy already :razz:Well, moving on to the movie spoiler section (those who haven’t watch the movie beware!!!)
Okay, so what happened during the roller coaster crash? Well the roller coaster started off with the very wrong thing – a leaking lubricant pipe between the 6th car and the 7th car of the coaster train. As the roller coaster goes through corkscrews, Frankie, the photography freak, drops his camcorder as he lost grip of it. And before the ride the roller coaster operator warned passengers about not to brong any loose objects such as camera. Stupid Frankie. So the strap attached to the camcorder winds around one part of the roller coaster track and the camcorder got stuck on the track.As the roller coaster crushes the camcorder after that, the train started to loose control and the wheels started to detach from the train. The leaking lubricant oil causes all shoulder restraints on the roller coaster to be release as riders scream in fear that they are not secrued tightly to their seat anymore.

Detached well of the roller coaster. It then loses control.

Lewis hanging desperately for his life as the shoulder restraints fail.
As a result the went-wild motion causes the 7th to 12th car of the roller coaster to fall of the track, instantly killing the riders on them while the 1st to 6th cars continues to move on the road to death. One of the 6 cars that fell off the track snaps part of the track ahead into 2.The train finally loses velocity due to friction between the tracks and the wheel axis (don’t forget that the wheels went off), and stops right at the center of a vertical loop. If you don’t get what is a vertical loop see the photo on the right (not in the movie – I googled it off the internet) . The remaining riders including Wendy and Kevin hangs desperately onto their dear lives. The other 2 riders on the car dropped off. This leaves Wendy and Kevin on the roller coaster. The roller coaster loses equilibrum, moves backwards and then collided with the exposed broken track caused by the 6 cars that fell of way before them. The momentum flung Kevin and Wendy off their cars, and Wendy wakes up from her premonitions.

The train derails upon collision with the snapped track.

Devil’s Flight ultimate ending.
Wendy cried and stopped the operator from pushing the button that starts the ride. Her high school mates left the train (except for 2 as the operator didn’t release their shoulder restraints), and seconds later they saw the roller coaster snaps into pieces in awe and fear.Now it’s the time cheated and turned angry Mr Death comes to take its revenge. It wanted to claim their lives but it failed because of Wendy’s premonotion. So the according to the should-be-dead sequence, airheads Ashley and Ashlyn became its first 2 victims.Death #1 and #2: Ashley and Ashlyn were tanning in special coffin-shaped machine with UV lights fitted in it. Meanwhile, Ashley’s slurpee condensates and drips water into the heating box, short-circuitng it which causes the temperature of the UV lights to increase beyond safety level.

Condensated water drips on the power control, causing it to short-circuit.
A fan knocks the coat rack into a plant which hits the CD shelf and lands on Ashley’s tanning bed. While lifting off the cover of the tanning bed the plank falls and slips between the 2 separated tanning bed, causing Ashley and Ashlyn unable to open the cover as the temperature rises inside. The store owner hears their screams but he was locked out from his shop by a locked frondoor and a stuck backdoor because of a bottle of sunblock lotion.As the temperature continues to soar, the solarium tubes above them explode. Under the intense heat, their skin starts to rupture and bubble, while Ashlyn’s goggles begin melting into her face. Soon, the glass above and beneath them gives way, making the girls fall into the bulbs and setting themselves and the beds on fire. Toasty death.

Ashley struggling to get out of the cracking tanning bed.

Temperature soars, even the solarium tubes explodes.

Ashley screams as she is toasted, baked and electrocuted. *Ouch*
Death #3: Frankie dies in a car crash when he is ordering his meal at the drive-thru counter at a fast food outlet that sells burgers. Wendy and Kevin are in a car just behind Frankie when a truck on the adjacent hill loses control and heads for the drive-thru lane. As another careless truck driver reverses his truck and traps Wendy and Kevin in their car, Kevin breaks the windscreen and escapes with Wendy. The truck crashes into Wendy’s vehicle, and the engine was forced out of the car. The cooling fan cuts Frankie’s head, causing blood to splatter all around the place.

The truck crashes into Wendy’s vehicle which is pinned by another truck. The momentun is tranfered to Frank’s vehicle (in yellow).
Death #4: Lewis is training in a gym when Kevin and Wendy look for him. He ignored the warning by them while Wendy notices all kinds of hazards (radio on a bench above water)and stuffed bear with sharp clwas as a punching bag. Lewis gets onto a weight lifting machine, and every lift he does makes the swords above him vibrate. One football player is lifting weights too close to the stuffed bear breaking off the bear’s sharp nail that hit another guy’s eye, forcing him to drop his weight, which sends the swords swooping down behind Lewis and cuts the ropes holding the weights up. Lewis tells Kevin and Wendy that he beat it and does a victory pull, making the weights swoop down and smash his head in.

The swords above the weight lifing machine. 
Death #5: Erin dies. This is one of the most complicated death because lots of things happen just so coincidentally. Erin collected nails on the floor with a magnet. She then places the magnet behind the racks which attracted a long metal chain. This causes a fork truck to move and hit a rack with lots of hammers. A hammer happends to land on the control stick, causing the fork truck to lift one side of a large rack while Kevin, Wendy, Ian and Erin stand discussing about the serial death on the other side of the rack. Finally the standing wooden planks on the other side of the rack topples, nearly hitting Ian. As Wendy inteferes Mr Death skipped Ian and moved on to Erin. Erin retreat backwards as a pack of sawdust nearly hit her. She slips and fall, hitting the trigger on the nail gun and nailing at least 12 nails through her head.

Kevin (left) and Ian (right) are untouched as they see Erin being nailed to death.
Death #6: Perry (a female, not a male… a point to note) dies after a series of events. Some playful boys set off firecrackers near a house, causing it to become berserk and it started to run about the Tri-Centinnal Fair where Kevin is working as a securiy guard. The horse run past Julie and the rope that is fastened onto the horse wraps around her neck and so she is pulled along with the horse. The horse jumps over some sort of wheat thresher, and is about to pull Julie into the sharp blades. Kevin cuts the rope with inches to spare. Wendy immediately starts asking Julie who was sitting next to her because she’s next. Amber and Perry stare at each other as the horse breaks the pole out of the ground, sending it flying into the air. Just as Perry stands up, everyone looks up at her only to see the pole impale her in the middle of her chest. She falls forward and slowly slides down the pole. Julie hence escaped death.NOTE: After Perry’s death are Kevin’s then Wendy’s turn. As the leave the fairground with shocked Julie, Kevin trips and fall into a table of food where a sharp wooden stick puntures the gas pipe and the gas tank explodes. Luckily Wendy is in time to pull Kevin out of the flames. As death misses Kevin, the next one to die is Wendy. A trailer holding fireworks tips over and four of the remaining fireworks go off and head for Wendy. These are meant to strike at Wendy, but they miss her when she frantically drops to the ground for safety with Julie and Kevin. As Wendy was meant to be the last to die, Death’s target cycled back to the first survivor in line – Ian.Death #7: Ian is not hit by the 4 fireworks are they are meant to kill Wendy only,according to the death cycle. So Ian dies as the fireworks strike a platform with a cherry picker on it. It sends the entire machine crashing down, cutting Ian’s body into a halves.

The 4 fireworks misses Ian completely.
After Ian’s death, there are not more new deaths for 5 months, until Wendy is riding the subway train. Wendy premonitioned that the subway train derailed because a rat was electrocuted by the track switched exposed wires, causing the track to be shifted halfway. The subway train derailed at high speed, tossing the passengers all around in the cabin and snapping the train into several compartments.

Death #8: Julie dies when the subway train crashes as a piece of the train (probably a wheel or something circular) hits her side.

Death #9: Kevin dies as he was tossed around the interior of train until he was toss against the window. The window shatters, causing Kevin’s head to be in direct contact with the ground (don’t forget that the subway trail is derailed and toppled). Blood splatters as Wendy watch in horror.

Death #10: When the subway train finally come to a halt, she found that she had an injured leg that limited her movements and that she is lying in the middle of the subway track. A subway train approaches and Wendy screamed in horror. Whether she is dead or not, the movie didn’t tell. Probably the director wanted to make Final Destination 4 so he made Wendy’s survival unclear.

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