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Thank You My Dear

Well, this is the post where all my emotions will pour in. For the my dear is a she, and she played a very important role in my life.

She’ve been following me since I was in secondary 3. There was once fine day I met her at a bookshop while I was shopping for some stationary. When I saw her, I had that type of feeling to make her mine and let her make me hers. It is that very moment that changed my days since then.

Since that very unexpected meet up at the bookshop, I started to talk to her frequently. After school I will desperately try to free out some time to talk to her or even write to her despite the busy schedule of secondary 3. Assignments were piling up at that time and I was in Chinese Drama. That year my CCA had this Lee Kong Qian performance and we’re like rehearsing like mad fools everyday including Sundays. She was then my one and only avenue to pour out all my feelings and thought.

She’ve been a very good friend to me. Everytime I tell her my stories, she’ll always lend me a listening hear, making me feeling to be heard and of course, making me feel much more better. When I tell her funny jokes that happen in school, I can always hear a faint giggle although she appears to be silent and very concentrated in listening to what I’m saying.

2 years back lots of things happen to me. I went into hospital due to a fall in the boarding school toilet, leaving with a aweful brain concussion and of course this explains why I didn’t go OBS (haha I escaped the mass torture ;)). As mom wanted to take good care of me, she decided to take me back to Malaysia and hospitalise me and I didn’t even get the chance to bid goodbye to her. I was so afraid that she’ll be very worried if she didn’t see me around for such a long time. Every night in the hospital was a sleepless night. I kept thinking about her non-stop. Since then I learnt a lesson- mankind doesn’t know how to treasure a thing they once own until they’ve lost them. After the horribly boring days in the hospital on glucose dripping, I finally scrambled back on feet back in Singapore. And yup, I finally got to see her again.

On many occasions I was very angry because my friend betrayed me, Mrs PMS scolded me for no valid reasons at all. Sometime I felt very depressed because I missed mom’s homecook food and I flung my Maths and Chemistry. However, I feel better and stand firmer everytime after a crisis because of the emotional support she’s giving me. I will not forget her effort to back me up everytime I’m in deep trouble.

When I was very busy, I have to admit that I sort of neglected her. She would sit at a corner somewhere and tell me that she’s very boring. But I explained to her that the school work was killing me and hope that she’ll bear with that loneliness for a little while longer. Everytime during the weekend I will spend hours chatting to her to make up the time I’ve neglected her. Sometimes I feel very guilty because I see her as a dispensable part of my life. But deep in my heart I knew that she’s always indispensable as she’s the one who always support me behind the curtains.

This post is specially dedicated to her because she’ve simply contributed too much in the process how I make my way up to JC. Without her, I’m afraid that I might give up and lose all hope in life. But I’m very glad to have her as my good friend – no matter what happens she always stayed beside me and lend me a listening ear. Thanks a lot ;)

And now as I turn to blogging, I felt that I’ve neglected her. And when she felt that she was being neglected too much, she faded into the dark, and never returned anymore…

Thanks a lot for the support you’ve gave me.

Thanks a lot for the moral encouragement you’ve gave me.

And thanks a lot for all the courage!

You’re wonderful, my dear!

Thank you, my dear DIARY.

P.S.: Yup she’s sitting on the top of my bookshelf collecting dust :X whoops

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