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Happy Valentine’s Day


To many JC1 people in my school, today is not only Valentine’s Day, but also Friendship Day and the day when the Angle and Mortal game ends. Ah, and today the school really gave me a big shock!!! Everybody was super enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day this year… or is every year the same? Class bench areas were flooded by people who are not willing to leave for lectures and tutorials. The central plaza filled with councillors doing the delivery of heart-shaped balloons to the class benches. At that time the JC really looked like a real life society! The 32nd Students Council act as entrepenuers who tries to earn money from selling heart-shaped balloons to flower bouquets. And there were auctions for the one and only Ferrero Roche Flower Bouquet yesterday! ;) Omigosh when did my JC look like a real world?

Well back to the topic. Today marks the end of the Angel & Mortal game, as Angels are about to reveal their true identity. And we exchange gifts too! This is so so so FUN!!! The class bench was super crowded after the morning assembly as we juniors and the seniors desperately finding our bags in the whole mountain of it stacking up on the class bench. We were about to retrieve our gifts to our Angel and Mortal! Woohoo~ some successful Angel (means those whose cover is not blown yet :D) surprised their mortals mainly because their mortals never expect is them! Anyway, I am also shocked that both of my Mortals (Ruowei and Karin) and my dear Angel (Huiyi) bought me loads of presents and I am so touched!!! Thanks a lot people! And some people in my class also made homemade cookies, glass frames, personal messages on Apple-shaped cards and pass it to everyone in the junior and senior class! Looks like they’ve done lots of preparation job, and I feel so embarrassed and sorry that I actually never thought of doing so :(

Pictures speak a thousand words (or more?), so now let’s take a look at the photos I’ve taken today! :razz:

Standing and facing the camera: (From left) Huili, Karin and Huiyi. ;)

Woohoo heart-shaped balloons sold by the council. $1 each. Cheap!!!

Time: 8.05pm. Lessons should start but people just don’t want to leave. Still so crowded!

Haha the 3 girls from the senior class again :D Lol.

Balloon mania! So many balloons!

Guess that’s the end of Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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