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Tension & Stress

9 hours and 15 minutes more before we are dismissed from JC and allowed to go back to our high school to collect our O Level results. This is the time everyone really come together as a whole. We try to ease each others stress by talking to them and diverting their attention from the O level results issue. However, it is extremely hard for us to hide your emotions. Our steps wobble and our speech shivvers. How spooky.

Claire said that she will cry out when she is leaving school tomorrow. Well, that is the time where everybody break apart, go back to their high school and collect their O Level results. O Level examinations are horrible recurring nightmares… you have prelims, the actual thing and finally get your hands on your results which will set your future. Sounds powerful and scary…

Actually I also feared that I will do really bad for my Higher Chinese and Malay. Firstly teachers expect me to get A1 for both, which I have totally no confidence in getting it. Secondly is because my ex-classmates are exerting peer pressure on me. Although I don’t see them very frequently this year, I can still read their minds – pigs will fly if I don’t get A1 for Higher Chinese… but maybe pigs will really fly tomorrow.

Stress stress stress. Now we are at Simon’s house, all WIDE AWAKE because of stress. Planning to watch some funny movie to ease the tension ;) and stay happy :D

Good luck people!

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