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Grapes & Blueberries

Today is the release of our O Level results 2005. 4 years, 2 months and 10 days ago, I was wondering why seniors get to excited upon receiving their results and why are they so anxious before the results are released. And today, 4 years, 2 months and 10 days later, I finally got the chance to taste what it really feels ;)

Yesterday night at Simon’s house was quite a fun one,but everyone seemed to be quite worried about the O Level results. They worried that they might not qualify for our JC anymore and they have to move on to other JCs. Who wished this will happen? Nobody. So all of us were praying God before coming to school today.

Grapes and blueberries huh? Actually this is the metaphor for our studies. You see, after 4 solid years of hardwork and hardships, we finally got to taste how our harvest of grapes taste like. When we entered high school, we’re given plots of equally fertile plot of land to help us plant our grapes. Sec 1. We got our own plot of grapes farm, everybody was so happy :D! We were very enthusiastic about it and worked day and night to keep it neat, tidy and well-watered. However, some people gave up along the way. Weeding in farm lands are common. If we don’t weed our grapes farm, there goes our grapes. They will die of malnutirtion and lack of water since weed is their main competitor for the two main compotents that sustain life. This is the same as we turn to computer games to relieve stress and we over-indulge in it. There goes our studies if we do not try to make a turn around.

We finally got to taste our grapes today! I’ve waited so long to taste the grapes I’ve been planting so far. Frankly speaking, I admit that sometimes I do not weed my farmland because I was too busy with other stuff, but generally speaking I was taking a good care of my farm land. IP students have a smaller harvest of grapes compared to that of the non-IP students since they’ve gone through more hardships. IP people were given a better plot of land with less weeds, but in the end this made us slackier because less weeds means more time to slack around and more time to slack around means spending less effort to plant our grapes. Anyway, IP students got 1 tonne of grape yield while non-IPs got 10 folds of ours. I got 2 tonnes since I took Higher Chinese and Malay as 3rd Language :)

However, enjoyng grapes harvest doesn’t mean enjoying sweet grapes harvest. The sweetness, juicyness of our grapes which are graded by the Agricultural Association of Singapore are directly proportional to the effort and time we’ve invested in the plantation of grapes. Well, my harvest was pretty sweet. My sweetness and juicyness standard of m grapes are graded A1 because they are simply sweet and juicy ;) Yay!

On the other hand, our performance in the agricultural section doesn’t only depends on our grapes. It also depends a lot on the blueberries. Well, blueberries system functions differently than the grapes system. We do not and are not allowed to plant blueberries ourselves. The owners of our lands (the teachers and principals) have their own blueberry plantation. For every good deed we do, they will award us a blueberry which is reflected in the blueberry card, a.k.a. the White Card (in official terms). For every bad things we do, we lose a blueberry which is also reflected in the record card.

Today’s release of our harvest only involves the grapes production sector. The blueberry production sector is handed to the JC and we are not allowed to even take a look at it. Anyway, I am happy and content with my grapes ;)

Cheers to grapes and the blueberry system!

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