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Campus Superstar!

Today is Monday. It seems to be just a very usual school day to many of the Singaporean students, but it is NO NORMAL SCHOOL DAY to us! We are heading for Mediacorp Studio today night to support Chee Yang, the three male finalist of Campus Superstar Singapore!!! Those who have not heard about it before, it is something like the American Idol. Just that we do not have judges that passes heart-breaking comments and boos from the audience. What replaced all these stuff is some sweetening comments and lots of screams from the girls of other schools! Omigosh, their scream is sort of horrible, as if my glasses are going to shatter and the whole studio going to come crashing down ;)

We have to be seated at 7.45pm so that the host of the live telecast can brief the audience in the studio about do’s and don’ts. Guess what? 9 people from my class (with no specific order) – Luosha, Weiwei, Nicholas, Sean, Claire, Jamie, Lichan, Shueli and me went to eat at Coronation Plaza at 6.40pm, finsihing dinner at 7.25pm and then frantically flagging down cabs so that we can reach the studio in time. Below are some screenshots during dinnertine (note: Valerie had dinner with us but she didn’t follow us to the studio)


Dinner time!
During dinner right, Nicholas was talking about the aunty that serves the food always accidentally got her armpithair in the food~ *ewww* then when Shueli was about to finish her meal she screamed because she saw a strand of hair in her food!!! Luckily the hair was thin, means that it came from the head and not from the, ahem, armpit :DAlamak talked too much about the dinner. Okay, move on to the Campus Superstar live telecast. We reached the Mediacorp studio at 7.35pm, 10 minutes before we are prohibited from entering the studio anymore. The co-ordinator was asking people to cheer but ironically asking them to stop cheering in a few seconds time because he wanted to brief us on safety issues and other sutff. No nose-digging when the camera is focused on your, do pay attention (or ACT to pay attention) when the judges are talking, for the front row people cannot display their banners and stuff too high up or not will block the camera and clap hands when we resume from the advertisements.

Just entered the studio. Ah sat at the balcony, got restricted view of the stage… but nevermind ;)

The coordinator briefing us. Funny that he said no cameras but then can secretly use it as long as you do not use flash ;) How contradicting lor…

Just before the show started… 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Welcome to Campus Superstar Live Telecast!!!!!You can watch the video about the starting of the show (1.00+mb, 27 seconds, ZIP file)
The 3 hosts of the Campus Superstar…

The hosts on stage ;) Cool lah… live telecast leh. Like got loads of pressure… don’t they get nervous:?????:

During the competition there were several advertisement breaks whereby the programme coordinator reminded the audience about the do’s and don’ts stuff. There was a few cases whereby the fans of the competitors got so enthusiastic that their nearly used their posters to block out the camera. Whooops.

Contestants on the stage!

Chee Yang rallying for support LIVE ON TV!!! SMS M3 to 77377!
After the show… we went outside to take a few group photos ;)

What’s the problem with the cameraman? *Not me… another person*

Finally we get to pose as a class… 06S75 came down to support Chee Yang!!!

Shadows in the moonlight… Weiwei and Nicholas! Yes, scandal #18!!!
You can look at my new uploaded album named Campus Superstar 2006! Not many pictures… 13 in total. But worth a lot lah… we like sacrifice the time to mug for Bio and other subject just to go there and support Chee Yang! Woot! :razz:

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