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Saturday Ramblings

Weekend. Actually I rather look forward to weekdays rather than weekends, unless there is something meaningfull to me going to happen during the 2 boring school-less days, for example, in the midst of a wonderful holiday or a sweet class outing or outing with seniors ;)

Weekend is not only boring but tiring. You see, we people who live in the boarding school do not have a maid, or at least our mom, to do our laundry. We need to wash our own clothes… darn. Luckily (or not?) we have a laundry service that caters to our need. However, we should not seek responsibility from them if the returned laundry turned out to be stained or torn. Ah and sometimes your clothes go missing after sending them to the laundry service. Since they will iron your laundry before they return to you, I only send my school uniforms. For casual clothes I wash them myself, which costs at least S$1.50 a week. 50 cents of 30 mintes of washing and 1 dollar for 1 hour of drying. Oh and the dry sucks. 30 minutes can’t dry your clothes fully… so 1 hour can do the job :razz:

Sunday night we have to clean our rooms. Argh this is the worst part of the week. Even if your room is sparkling clean the teacher will sure ask you to sweep, mop and vacuum one more time… ah sucks! Means that everybody don’t care about room hygene on normal days since they know that they’ll be forced to clean it up on Sundays. How stupid.

I’ve been spending quite a lot of money lately, so no weekend outings anymore (except with class or senior class). Ah I want to go out and just walk around. So took the MRT, went one whole round around Singapore and got fined by SBS for being too long on the train. Lolz :D I think this rule is stupid. Why fine people who stayed too long on the MRT line?

Anyway, I got a big hard hit in terms of emotional ways a few days ago. My consortium head rang me up a few days ago to collect my result slips since I took the makeup exam (notice… makeup exam do not equate to re-exam. Makeup exam is to those who was absent on the day of exam and not to those who can’t pass.) Although I got a b3 for the English re-exam, she said the English department can only award me a stupidly low 50, which is a C6, for those who took the makeup exam. She said this is to be fair. I am not blaming her but the deparment. Why unfair to others. It turned out to be rather unfair to me. Ah where got people get 68 then suddenly converted to 50 marks… :cry: stupid stupid stupid. But the past has been the past. Forget it and move on, right?

Yesterday in school was fun. During Economics tutorial Dr Siva suddenly laughed hysterically. Lol then the whole class burst into laughter. And according to Dr Siva Claire got the highest score for the last Economics lecture quiz. Congrats lah ;) and I think I just managed to get a sub-pass? Haha.
Yesterday night was sort of boring, so this explain why I’ve been so quiet. I probably felt that it was sort of boring since everyone was talking to each other except to me, and when I try to initiate a conversation sometimes I got shunned off. Ah sort of sad lar. Maybe I just can’t communicate with others well enough.

And after THAT incident (only people from my class and senior class will know), I still think that there are people who avoid talking to me because they feared that I will spill the beans on the Internet and in real life situation. Ah and some even told me not to blog about it. Haha, I am not balming you all but what I need is for you all to believe me, ok? I am not a person where I talk or blog without using my brain to think thoroughly lor~ you get me? No intention of the humiliation ok? Just a point to note…

That’s all for today. Ah wet Saturday, so I’m grounded in the boarding school. My only source of entertainment, I guess is the Internet ;)

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