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Thursday Ramblings

Thursday again. Wow time really flies! I could still remember last Thursday we went to Nicholas’ house to attend Jeremy’s farewell party. And then I could still remember how desperately I rushed to the bus terminal to catch to bus heading for my home in Malaysia at 7.45pm which will depart at 8.00pm. Exactly a week ago at this time I am happily snoring through the long journey back to Malaysia to reached grandma’s house in Penang before Chinese New Year.

This week JC school life is super duper hectic. We got plenty of deadlines to meet, thousands to tutorials to complete and got 2 individual learning project to do, one by next Friday and the other one by 15th of February. Gosh, yesterday afternoon Sophia, Claire, Valerie, Samantha, Chankeet and me were desperately trying to complete Chemistry and Maths tutorial… although busy we had fun doing homework together ;)

Easy busy. Don’t panic :D
On the other hand, thanks for Ruowei for giving me that cute little froggy as my handphone decoration. It is simply so cute and innocent! And because of the cute froggy I took a photo of it, and decided to play around with photoshop. Along the way I discovered new tricks and tips ;) Whee~
The original photo…

The resultant photo.

Anyway, my horrible laughter doesn’t mean than I am under great stress lar~ According to Felicia right, a teacher told my senior class before that she got one student who studied Further Maths and she was under tremedous stress. When a friend called this student over the phone and told her a not-supposed-to-be-funny joke, she can’t stop laughing. Maybe to her, laughing is her way to relieve stress. But this is not the case for me lor :? don’t get confused ok? I like to laugh, and I always laugh, but I never laugh during lectures (unlike somebody in my class :D), so it is not rare to see me laughing everytime when you see me. ANYWAY, stress = cannot concerntrate = loss of appetite = sleepless and restless = depression, but with detailed observation I find none of these symptoms occuring on me. So I am not stress. And I love laughing! Isn’t it good to spread the laughter to others around you, brightening up lives of other people? Sharing your happiness is the best thing I can do :)

Oh, and today I got suan (means being the target of other’s sarcasm) by millions of people lah. The worse one is about the Samantha thing. Looking at the person who shouted out the word “Samantha” is a normal reflex action that doesn’t not go through the conscious mind of thinking. So… *ahem* tsk tsk seniors you people very funny! Haha I like your class lah~

And then the next funny thing is about the Biqing with Sam and Brendan. Lol, Biqing is Sam’s mortal while Brendan is Biqing’s mortal. But the bad thing for Biqing is that Brendan and Sam seemed to be a pair of virtual siamese twins that always mingle together. According to the law of angel and mortal, the identity of the angel should not be known my the mortal. Biqing thought that Brendan knew that she is his angel because the handwriting in Biqing’s letter to her mortal (Brendan) and to her angel (Sam) is the same (duh it is really hard for a person to fake 2 different handwritings lar:!:), so naturally she thought that Brendan knew his angel’s true identity (which is Bi Qing lah). So she wrote her name in her letter to Brendan (an angel should not do so since an angel shold avoid his / her true identity being known). So with friendship miracles do happen! Brendan finally knew who is his angel. BUT Brendan insisted that he didn’t read Sam’s letters and said that he is not interested in finding out who is his angel. Just because of some misunderstanding, Biqing signed her name in her letter to Brendan and Brendan just knew that Biqing is his angel. Wah omigosh why a simple story can be so complicated :?That’s all for today’s ramblings. Actually got a lot more to write but due to time constraints that’s all ;)

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