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Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!!!

Hi there everybody! Well this blog has been left unupdated for a few days because of the slow internet connection at grandma’s house. Since then I only learned how to treasuere things that I once enjyoed before… people is always like that. When we are busying enjoying ourselves in luxury, we never ever though of treasuring them… until one day we loose them ;) Lol now I will make full use of my broadband internet connection in the boarding school and in my JC. Guess what? Grandma’s house dialup internet is 26.6kbps! Omigosh it takes 5 minutes to load the main page *wow* :biggrin:

Anyway, wishing everybody a happy Chinese New Year! Well, back in Penang (my mom’s hometown) we celebrated Chinese New Year. The most tiring thing is that I have to travel to Penang and then return. Luckily I took a flight back so it is just 60 minutes long, but costs a wholly RM$400 a ticket! Bleh~

The first day of Chinese New Year was super duper chaotic. More than 100 people from my mother’s side of extended family squeezed into the small single-story terrace house of my fourth uncle to get their ang pow business done. The kids roamed around the limited space getting as much ang pows as possible while the adults desperately trying to find out who have they given their ang pows to :)


Overcrowded scenes!
Hehe, foruth uncle is clever enough to set up an ice-cream stand at home for us to fight off the intense heat in Penang during the early months of the year…

Ice-cream stand in operation…
While others are busy getting ang pows from adults, some of the grandchildren never forgot to take a sweet nice photo with greatgrandma :D

I’m on the 2nd right! Did you see me? *giggles* Oh greatgrandma is at least 85 years old this year ;)
Of course there were lots of candy and sweets circulating around the crowd of 100+ population. I nibbled some over here and chewed some over there. In the end I had zero appetite for lunch… ah~ lunch they had abalone and some Chinese delicacies. Mmmph why was I so stupid? Kept munching on the sweets.On the second day of Chinese New Year my family and my aunt went to get some fresh homegrown vegetables from thrid uncle’s house. He had stop renting it to others after an incident where the occupant of his rented house used his house as a gambling den and got caught by the police. Now he used it to plant herbs and vegetables – no wonder grandma said she never worried about inflating vegetables prices.

Third uncle’s miniature farmland.

Mom: since the vegetables are free lets take more *evil grin* :biggrin:
Later in the night we had dinner. Well, forgot to tell you my favourite way of eating Chinese New Year dishes… using vegetable leaves (must be very big ones lar~), toss anything onto it (e.g. abalone, sea cucumber, rice, pork…) and pour tomato sauce on it. Wrap it up nicely, dump it into my mouth. Mmmm~ yummy! :)

My favourite way of eating Chinese New Year dishes ;)
Third day of Chinese New Year. Woke up as early as 8.am in the morning and got some last minute packing done. Departed for Internation Airport located on Penang Island at 10.00pm, although my flight is like 1.15pm. Ah dad said there might be a traffic jam on the Penang Bridge… and thanks a lot for the Chinese New Year blessing there was NO sign of traffic congestion, reached the island at 10.30am. So we went to Equitorial Hotel tjust laze around until it is time for us to check in.

Very nice ya~
You can see more of it here!
Boarded the flight at 12.40pm, reached Singapore Changi Airport at 2.15pm. Reached hostel at 3.55pm (I took the MRT ok? I am not rich, so cannot take cab). Ah finnaly can rest. While unpacking my New Year goodies I suddenly remembered that I should prepare the debate speech… ah darn! And tomorrow we have GP! Great~Oh, anyway, I have uploaded lots of new photos into my blog’s gallery! Whee~ looks like not much people actually know that I do have a gallery over here. Well, you can click here to access it! I have just uploaded my Chinese New Year pictures, JC life photos!!! Lots of them leh~

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