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Schoolsick & Feeling Super Guilty

Maybe you would not believe what am I going to splurt out – I miss school so badly! This will be my longest absence from school and from my friends since school reopens on the 3rd of Janurary this year. Although it is like 4 days of holidays I can fight the feeling to rush back to Singapore and emmt with with my friends and seniors!

Oh yup, to seniors… please do not feel apolgetic over that incident ok? It’s my facult and  I’ll tkae it as a lesson of life. I’m okay right now, as happy as before ;) So don’t put the blame to yourselves just to make me happy ok? I also do not wish you all to be sad when the most important Chinese festival is super near! Anyway, I miss all of you and your vibrant class, and would like to thank Karin, Minyi, Huiyi, Felicia and Brendan for being so concerned about me, Kegan and Brendan for teaching the class the faculty dance (although I don’t get the chance to dance during the CNY celebration, I’ve memorised all the steps! :D), and last but not least the entire senior class for forgiving me :) Enjoy your Chinese New Year ok?

And to my classmates… soryr to worry all of you that day. Well, I was just trying to keep happy and rationalise things out. Lol :razz: do not worry so much about me commiting suicide lah~ like I really will do like that. I’ve studied for so long in Singapore just to earn an A Level certificate and I am not so stupid that I will kill myself 2 years before I can lay my hands on the certificate ok? Special thanks to Sophia and Claire for their concern and Valerie for that super special letter ;) hope the sour sweet I gave you didn’t sour the hell out of you!

And to everybody else (including dear Jeremy!!!) I miss all of you. Although I am like 1 day did’nt go to school I am really missing school life, classmates, seniors and friends like hell. You know, I just JC life now!

I am feeling super guilty because…

Reason #1: I can’t send Jeremy off tomorrow at the airport and I can’t even see Jeremy for the last time. Ah, I am really sorry Jeremy! Wishing you all the best in your studies in Aussieland. You’re going Perth right? Haha, hope you can establish a warm and nice social network in the college over there ok? The class and the senior class will definitely miss you always and forever :)

Reason #2: I can’t go for the CNY celebrations in JC today. Well, I’ve seen how the councillors and teachers trying their best to make the CNY celebration in the JC this year a very memorable one, but damm, I can’t attend! I want to celebrate it with everybody else I know but I jsut don’t get a chance. well, I must be at the celebration next year! :razz:

Reason #3: Oh and forgot to tell you guys that I’ve reached Penang today morning. The jounrey was super bumpy and the bus screened a gory movie titled “Blade”. Wah the movie was super bloody and gory from the start to the end. Okay, back the the reason why am I guilty. Today afetrnoon went to the hair saloon and got my hair trimmed. My mom and the hair dresser are good friends so they were happily chatting about women’s stuff when my mom accidentally spilled the beans about me studying in Singapore. Ah, then the hair dresser was like scolding her daughter, saying that she must study well and don’t let her down. Then go and get a scholarship like the aunty’s (my mom) son like that… you should have studied well for tests and English spelling quiz, so that you can speak good English and go Singapore study. And the worse thing is that the girl is only Standard 1 you know, and she was sobbing after that. I felt so guilty (I do not know whether mom felt so) and wanted to say that not all people who get scholarship must be very smart people… and just try your best. Ah sorry girl girl…

Oh, and I’ve got my new haircut… changed my hairstyle. The hairdresser said that this will make my hair more easlity-spikable. Well, I’ve considered spiking my hair with gel since I’ve never tried it before. At most I wet my hair in the morning and just spike it, then it’ll dry in the day. Maybe will consider seeking professional help on hair-spiking from dear Nicholas.

[Edit]: And omigosh my grandma’s house dialup internet is super slow! It takes about 2 minutes just to load my blog front page you know… ah~ *groans* Maybe I’ve been used to the high speed of broadband… now when switching to dialup things are like super duper slow and tortoise speed! The worse thing – it took my 5 minutes to load the post page and another 5 to publish this frigging post :?

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