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Whacky Wednesday

Whacky Wednesday! Lots of things happenned today… loads of fun and excitement! I’ve never regretted I joined the Integrated Programme and entered this JC ;) This JC is full of passion and energy! I love this place!

The GP lesson in the morning was sort of boring and freezy. Not because Mrs Samuel can’t teach… she can teach really well. Just that one and a half hour sitting on the same chair which is DIRECTLY UNDER the damn air-conditioner set at 18 degrees Celcius. The cold air was practically freezing my butt off… lucky Mrs Samuel ended the lesson on time. If not I would have suffered from severe frostbite already :mrgreen: the chair was so cold you know!

Then finally it’s RECESS! Yahoo! :D We went to Fishtank, a.k.a. the Students’ Lounge.

Harlow Yiwei’s angel! Here is a list of our class scandals… ;)

Everybody discussing about the you-know-what event (only to be revealed tomorrow or the day afer tomorrow).

Shueli (left) and Valerie (right) showcasing their fantastic handphones.
While the female community (and some other members from the male community) are discussing about the you-know-what event, some guys are playing foosball, not knowing what the hell is going on in the cafeteria.

Where is the ball? Damn it went inside. Eh not counted…
After that we went to canteen and have snack (actually lunch since everyone was fasting during lunchbreak).

Jeremy the 06S75 hotcake in the middle, smiling happily :)

My snack (lunch :?????:) is Salmon Teriyaki… mmmph taste quite nice ;)

Siyun and her bak-chok noodles.

Sean and his favourite rice stall food :razz:
Coming up next is the candid shot for one of the SCANDALS of my class… now let me present your SCANDAL #6 (correct me if I’m wrong):

Awww… how SWEET!!!!!
Actually we were the ones forcing them to be scandals lah. Samantha, Shueli and Siyun were sitting beside Sophia (the gal in the 2 photos above), and they kept pushing her towards Nicholas (a.k.a. Nicki ;)). Screams and laughter flooded the canteen :)CT session in the afternoon. We were glad to have a performance team from some organisation to let us have a taste of Middle Eastern music. Cool, the musicians were actually a Malay (left) and a Westerner (right). Two unlucky people from my cohort were chosen to go on stage and DANCE the belly dance. Lol super embarassing lah!

Musicians and the two super unlucky people (1 guy and 1 gal), with the 2 professional belly dancers.
Oh, and Yiwei said that the belly dance was very seducive. Hmmm I wonder why. Anyway I think it is an art lah, and I know it is super hard to shake your butt while you walk around the stage and waving your hands. The two unlucky people were like drunken people shaking their butts at a very hilarious manner :lol:

Photo taking with Jeremy.
Bad news: Jeremy will be leaving us on Saturday. He is migrating to Australia where he will continue his college studies over there. Although he is a very quiet person, I think he has tried to change himself over the 2 years that I knew him. First of all he got addicted to street socces (no wonder he was always so damn dripping wet after recess when we were Sec 4), and then he knows some basic vulgarities (harlow these are common among boys okay?). Lol he finally became a real boy ;)Anyway, my class have to stay back for banner painting and also the audition for the Chiense New Year interclass singing competition. The song is the 5566’s song Hao Jiu Bu Jian, and Weiwei actually took 2 hours to rewrtie the lyrics so that it fits the Chinese New Year theme ;) Thanks a million Weiwei!

On the way to the audition I saw the councillors struggling to set up the Chinese New year decoration :) Wow impressive!

Preparation work in progress. See the guy climbing behind the board? That’s Bren ;)

Overview of the entire CNY decoration (not yet ready, duh!)
Later in the evening we went to paint our banner. Phew, that was really exhuasting! We have to paint everything in while since the cloth is red and it will absorb the other colours… so the base colour will be white and we will fill in other colours when it dries up :) This is called common sense + some AEP (Art Elective Programme) skills, kudos to Sophia!Below is the progress of the class CNY banner:

5:34pm – Basic painting done… all white with some black outlines completed.

5:56pm – Dog on the bottom is done + colouring of the chinese characters.

6:12pm – More dogs are completed. The eyes of the dog at the bottom painted white to be redrawn.

6:25pm – Chinese characters coloured gold (wow) + more dogs completed

7:11pm – All dogs completed and some final touches
So the opportunity cost (quoted from Economics lecture notes) for painting the class banner is our dinner. We have not be eating since hours ago so everyone was desperately waiting for the McDonalds deliverymen to arrive. Finally they arrived (2 deliverymen needed since we ordered too much!) and woohoo feasting session ;)

Yummy! :mrgreen:
And surprisingly we still have some time left to rehearse the faculty dance! Woot Apollo faculty dance rocks! Although the steps are very difficult and complex, but it is quite fun to learn since we have more sense of achievement after we managed to learn every step!Whacky Wednesday comes to an end…. bye and nites people!

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