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A Fun-filled Friday!

NOTICE: VERY LONG POST. teddY shallnot be responsible for any eye injuries or eye-sight defects that are caused directly or indirectly by reading this post. Read at your own risk.

Friday. You know, if I am currently still studying in High School and if I know that tomorrow is Friday, I will immediately suffer from serious pre-Friday depression. Although Thursday is also a very hectic day (hell we got lessons till 4pm) while Monday is a day after a long weekend, most of my friends are more prone to suffer from the same kind of depression as me instead of pre-Thursday and / or pre-Monday depression. Because in high school Friday was a big bad day. After lessons and lessons and lessons we still have to go for CCA that drags till 6.00pm or worse, 8.00pm. And I will miss the weekends like hell every school day.

However, I have a totally different feeling in JC now! I wished that the weekend would pass as fast as possible because I have practically nothing to do on Saturday and have to do all those cleaning jobs (wash toilet, mop the floor etc) on Sunday night. I love weekdays now, especially Friday. We got dismissed at 1.00pm on Friday (the price which we have to pay – we got dismissed late on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) while others are still having lectures and tutorials :D yay we’re free by 1.00pm!

Since I entered the JC I have a weird feeling – a feeling which tells me that I should stay back in school late instead of going back to the boarding school early. I don’t know whym but I think it is super fun to hang around with my classmates from 06S75 and seniors from 05S75 ;) that makes me love school A LOT! This also explains why I am always so excited when I see my classmates and seniors :razz:

The lessons on Friday are (each of them 1 hour): Maths tutorial, PE lesson, RECESS (yahoo~), Maths lecture and Economics tutorial. And that’s all for Friday! Woohoo~ :mrgreen: Anyway, I also like Maths and Econs a lot, but since I am weak in Chemistry implies that I do not really like Chemistry (of course I will try my best lah~).

Mrs Yap our Maths tutor is a really good person. She is kind and helpful! She attends students that have some problem with Maths personally. No wonder she leaves a better impression than the Maths lecturer, since the Maths lectures are all one-way input and we just copy and copy and copy non-stop.

PE lesson was fun! We were attending a first-aid course to learn how to help and rescue a casualty during an incident. We got this triangular cloth, and the first aid guy (some seniors from some unknown class) taught us how to make the cloth into life-saving tools. By folding it many times we get a piece of fabric that looks normal but can stop bleeding on the head a lot. Then wrapping the fabric with another piece of triangular cloth helps to fasten it to the head. We were even taught about how to make arm rests and shoulder restraints that caters to the need for those whol fractured their upper or lower arm and shoulder bone respectively. A very fun course as Siyun went around taking pictures of us wrapped up in the cloths.


10.43am – Recess time. The crowded class bench.
Maths lecture. Boring but very informative. Got new insights in the topic of Functions and planned not to revise anything but Chemistry over the weekend (or maybe just do nothing but eat and sleep :biggrin:). The next lesson was Economics tutorial.

12.53pm – The map of economia, a virtual nation.
The Economics lesson was fun too! Dr Siva divided us into 5 groups and gave each group a mapof Economia printed on an A3 sized paper (wow that’s big). The aim of the lesson was about city planning that is closely related to Economics. In this project, we are assigned as Trasnport Ministers that will build roads and rails to connect the different cities, villages, churches, children’s home, harbour and airport together. We were only allowed to build 25km of road and 15km of rail. And for every 1cm on the A3 paper represents 1km. Cool. After the sketching we found out that if to link everything to each other by road we need 46+km of road! Omigosh, we are far beyond the limited length. As time was running out, Luosha, Samatha and me were desperately trying to link everything either by railway or road. So fun! We even implied Mathematics theories in it to find the shortest length to connect two places together using the hypothaneus (a^2 + b^2 = c^2… remember:?????:).Finally we were dismissed. Some people went back home immediately after the lessons while most of us stayed back so that we can have dinner together later. At the class bench Samatnah and Shueli who bought the same bag by coincidence asked me to take a photo of them with a teddy bear ;).

1.20pm – Samantha (left) and Shueli (right) posing with their bags and a teddy bear.

In order to occupy the time, I decided to learn to write Japanese characters from Eunice who have been learning it for 4 years! It was so complicated.

1.45pm – Eunice wrote a whole long list of Japanese characters with their pronounciation for me! Thanks! :D

I even learned to wrote on my own :)

2.10pm – My own version… I scanned it! There might be some wrong words in it.
You can click on the image to view the original version! (Image size: 138kb)

And the following is the whole list of commonly used Japanese characters:

KONICHIWA – “Greetings”

SAYONARA – “Farewell”


ITADAKIMAS – A phrase to say before Japanese eat.

WATASHIWA TERI DESU – “My name is Terry”

So fun learning Japanese. Well, the main motivation is from my Angel’s letter. She wrote some Japanese and I can’t understand and have to consult Eunice. So why not learn myself so that I can write some simple Japanese to my Angel? :biggrin:While waiting for my classmates to get dismissed from their CCA, I took some pictures around the school.

6.15pm – School views ;)

We left school at 7.30pm. Reach the restaurant at 8.00pm. All of us were so hungry! Looking at the menu was a torture to me since I can see the food but I can eat them.

7.59pm – Hmm what can we order… but we can’t order without the menu.

8.01pm – Where is the menu? Why the uncle so slow~

8.02pm – Siyun figuring out what to order.

8.08pm – We want 1 pineapple rice, 3 fried chicken rice, 3 USA fried rice, prata…

8.12pm – Finally we can have our hands on our drinks. Nicholas, what are you trying to say?

8.13pm – Hmmm let’s see what pictures have we taken today.

8.14pm – Shueli and her Milo Dinasaur. Most of the contents of the cup is Milo powder with minimal amount of water. Gosh, what drink is that :?????:

8.14pm – Sean with his dear Milo dinasaur :D

8.15pm – Smile Claire! I’m also taking a picture of you.

8.31pm – Siyun carefully get rid of the beans from her fried rice. Before I can lay my hands on the beans she poured unwanted sauce on it. Ah there goes my beans.

8.40pmMY pineapple rice. Whoah look at the horrible yellow colouring… I wonder whether is it carcinogic.

8.43pm – Yummy! Finally we can have your dinner! :razz:

8.48 – Sean why are you looking at the camera? You should be eating.

We left the place at 10.00pm. Lol I think the boss was waiting for us to leave. We took 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish just a plate of fried rice + lots of gossiping and chatting. Oh, wish those who are going to Oreintation Hike today a good luck and enjoy a fun and safe hike :) Reached the boarding school at 10.20pm, so tired that after bathing I slept and didn’t have the energy to blog…

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