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Lots Of Things To Say

For some unknown reason I feel that today is really a very special day. For some unknown reason I stayed back in school until 7.30pm. For some unknown reason I found out that in the Angel & Mortal game I’ve blown my cover.

First thing to say is that I AM NOT A MUGGER. Okay, you might feel that it is really hard to believe that the economics note-maker of the class is not a mugger. The fact is that I AM REALLY NOT A MUGGER, compared to many of those “underground muggers” in our senior class. Don’t think that they are slacking in home because they seemed to be super relax during school hours. In fact everyday they go back home, bathe, eat and mug mug mug mug and mug non-stop. This is obtained from a VERY RELIABLE source ;) Can’t believe that you people think that people who make notes for every subject is a mugger. That’s not the truth. Look at ________ from our senior class. Everytime at the class bench I find that he / she is always relaxing, but in fact he is a no.1 mugger in 05S75! Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Second thing is that I am maintaining a healthy relationship with the one who bought the same drink as me at the Fishtank. I am cracking my brain for the entire afternoon trying to figure out why seniors think that this is called an unusual boy-girl relationship (boyfriend and girlfriend), a type of relationship that exceeds the capacity of normal classmates and friends relationship. A pair of boy and girl drinking the same kind of drink at the same time at the same place but NOT SHARING THE SAME CUP OF DRINK cannot be defined as boyfriend and girlfriend, ok? I think Kegan and Yahting understands the most :) And when later in the afternoon when I was searching desperately for ______ so that I can pass him / her a Math worksheet personally seniors said that I am having a triangular relationship. Wow I am really impressed with all of your creativity :razz:. You should have used your indispensible creativity in the creation of the plot and script of the Apollo drama feste performance.

Third thing is that I know I have lots of bad habits. For example, I don’t speak good English, sometimes I might act cute (that makes some people hate me) and I am always irritating others with my super-contagious laughter (looks like the senior class never got it from me before). Please, I beg you all who know me, please tell me my bad behaviours so that I can rectify them as soon as possible. I do not wish to see you all enduring all the hardship that comes along with my lousy behaviour but do not want to tell me about it. Okay, this might sound very stupid, but this is the only way I can improve myself. Normally a person can’t see the bad habits he / she has unless being told by others.

Fourth thing is that I would like to thank those who dropped by room A205 today afternoon giving me moral support for the Apollo drama feste auditions. Well, sorry to disappoint you by I think I screwed up. I can’t make it. I am such a lousy speaker, can’texpress myself well, can’tproject my voice well, and most importantly (and most fatally) my English sucks *boohoo~*. Sorry to disappoint you all if I didn’t make it into the cast.

Fifth (and the last :) yay!) thing is that I am posting a post titled “Darkest Secret”. This message is only for 05S75 and 06S75 people. If you know that anybody in any of the two classes stated above (either in your class or the other) have any secrets (that are non-violent, non-p*rno, non-super-embarrasing), feel free to mail them to me at terrymunweihao@gmail.com. Of course, you DO NOT NEED to provide the person’s name, as this is the only way to protect their identity. Please do not post at the comment’s section of any post, as that will be made viewable to anybody on the whole wide world to know before I compile all your responses :D okay?

Oh and before I end this post, I have a few pics to post…

3 pictures of my JC taken and stitched together, forming a nice panorama
Note: This is my first panorama, so got some visual glithes, sorries…

From the 4th floor – Claire and Sophia taken at 4X optical zoom.

Cheers~ ;)

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