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Medical Checkup… Aih~

In order to validate my scholarship renewal application, I am required to have a medical checkup. The worst thing about the medical checkup is that the clinic where I will get my health status checked is located at the God damn Raffles Place which is far far away where I am currently living. Argh, although I was dismissed at 1.00pm halfway through Economic tutorial session, I still can’t make it to the clinic. Reached there at 2.10pm, 10 minutes late, and saw my friends already completing their medical checkup.

I was very embarrased when I turned up in school uniform in the CBD centre just after lunch. All the glares and stares from the rush hour pedestrians made me blush like crazy, as if my superficial blood vessels on my face are going to burst in any second. Bleh~ :(

At the registration counter the nurse passed me a bottle. Oh great, I’m going to collect my own urine sample. And the funniest thing is that I just went to the gents before I went to the registration counter! Why didn’t they tell me earlier? According to the letter, I am required to do chest x-rays, measure my body weight and height and see the doctor for advice. I can’t see the word “urine sample is to be collected from patient” in the letter. In the end I forced myself to drink 4 cups of chilly water that froze the hell out of my body. I can feel my liver burning, since it needs to generate more heat to counter the heat loss by the transfer of thermal energy from my oesohpagus and my stomach to the freaking cold water. Aih~ :(

The most embarrassing moment during the medical checkup is when I was taking the x-ray photo. The nurse was SO RUDE! It is a must to take off our shirt to take an x-ray photo. When when she saw my skinny figures and protruding shoulder blanes she can’t stop laughing IN FRONT OF ME. And at the end of the x-ray session she immediately ran outside the room, screamed to other nurses about her amazing encounter with a skinny boy which is already JC1. Damn~ :(

In the doctor’s office the doctor at least managed to control his laughter. He looked at me once, then twice, and asked me for the 7th time whether I am suffering from malnutirtion or starvation. Eh hello, I am staying in the boarding school where food (breakfast and dinner) is FREE, okay? Even though the food sometimes really stings my tongue and burns the taste buds I will eat since I love my body weight more than my tongue and taste buds. Do I really look like an African refugee? Geez~ :(

Then he said he wanted to take my blood samples. He peered at me at least 3 times and asked me whether I am sure to see the needle and the blood. Eh, is there any scientific evidence suggesting that the body size / weight / height of a person is directly proportional to the braveness and courage he / she has? I am not afraid of blood (unlike Weixiang who is 100% haemophobic) and needles. I got admitted to the hospital so many times in my life that I am no longer afraid of needles.

Finally I am allowed to leave after I forced myself to fill up the container in the restroom. Phew finally got some aquaeous ammonia ended up in the container. I happily left the clinic and went staright back to the boarding school. Reached at 4.00pm, yay :)

I hate medical checkups. I would rather go for another 30 minutes of Economics tutorial (I skipped 30 minutes of it because I have to leave at 1.00pm… it ends at 1.30pm) and 2 hours of Biology lesson (1.30pm to 3.30pm today afternoon).

[Edit]: Brendan, do not think that today you are the only one you can go home early :) I can! I left at 1.00pm, much earlier that you do (I bet so) ;) Anyway, lots of luck in your studies this year with those spiky hairs and cool glasses. :D

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