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First Schooling Day In JC

For the past 2 weeks my JC was organising the Orientation. There was lots of fun, smile, luaghters, sweat and etc. I’m pretty sure that my class people have enjoyed the past week, right? ;)

Today is the first schooling day in JC. The first “exciting” event that awaits us early in the morning after flag raising is the Economics lecture at Lecture Theatre 3 (LT3). Everybody was so late for the lecture that the lecturer has to start her lecture 15 minutes late, at 8.15am. This is my very first time attending such a big lecture! Well, for the past 4 years in high school majority of the schooling period (like 99%?) classrooms are the place where we get input from teacher while we do output that disturbs the teacher to our friends :D. But in JC the way fo teaching changed. The lessons here are divdided into 2 parts (non-sciences), which are lectures + tutorials; and 3 parts, which are lectures + tutorials + lab sessions (sciences). Wah, omigosh when did things become SO complicated…

Well, the entire day went smoothly except for the Biology lecture. Mrs Foo from the notorious Biology department gave the entire biology cohort the taste of her fiery and nasty tempter *wow*. She was already screaming out orders before her lecture started. And she got even fiery when many of the biology cohort turned out late at the LT. Her ground rules were okay with me, except for one that went “NO YAWNING”.Eh hello, we yawn because we need to draw more oxygen to the brain to keep it running, so that we WON’T SLEEP. By STOPPING US FROM YAWNING means you’re putting us a step closer to a plane flight to “lalaland”. This is because the hypothalamus responds to the increased acidity of the blood. Carbon dioxide dissociates in the red blood cell with the aid of carbonic anhydrase acids, and they are converted to carbonic acids.

CO2 + H2O -> H2CO3

H2CO3 -> H [positive ion] + HCO3 [negative ion]

The hydrogen ions add acidity to the blood. So in order to lower the acidity of the blood, the brain will need the make the lungs to draw in more oxygen. This happends in the CNS as an uncouncious reflex action, in the medulla oblongata. Bleh, whatever :)During Chinese lecture the teacher was cracking jokes for the entire 1 hours, so many of us ended up writing reply letters to our angels and mortals.

Dear angel, I am so bored that I am writing to you during lecture.
Dear mortal, very sian lah… so I decided to write you a letter…

Lol our seniors also do reply our letters during their boring lectures.After school we ended up being Nicholas’ guests again. I think he is really a generous guy :D We just went there last Saturday and he proved to us that he can be a really great host, although that day was his birthday celebration. Then today, he asked his maid to fry us like 40+ chicken wings which he desperately appealed to us that we must finish all of them before leaving. The funny thing was while he was struggling to get us finish all the chicken wings his maid was happily frying chicken wings again :mrgreen: lol that was really funny when Nicholas ran into the kitches and said “Oh no you still frying?! Stop stop stop stop stop outside haven’tfinish yet then you continue frying ah?”.

At Nicholas’ house ;)

So much chicken wings!!!!! Yummeee~

The gossip session for the gals.

The slacking session for the guys. (definitely excluding the photographer!)
Oh, and the following is a letter to Nicholas :)

Nicholas, I really can’t under stand why you claim to be NOT A REALLY RICH guy. Lol :mrgreen: let me present you the facts:

1. You live in Bukit Timah

2. You got a plasma TV!

3. Your condo is so nice, with great scenery, nice greenery, impressive interior design and lifts that serves only 2 units of condo per floor.

A swimming pool can be seen from his balcony. Cool :cool:

Last and for all, we took 2 pictures together!

A proper photo ;)

A really funky one! :mrgreen:

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