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Nicholas Birthday

Today Nicholas celebrated his party as his home, located just a 5-minute walk away from our JC. He is surely a lucky and rich guy! ;) Even the boarding school is further from the JC compared to that distance.

Reached there at 6.30pm, and saw many people which I’ve never seen before chatting there. The only 2 people that I knew are Zixiong and Chankit. Zixiong was busy talking to Nicholas friends whom I didn’t even see them before while Chankit was stoning in front of the swimming pool.

My class people from 06S75 reached the condo at 7.10pm. They went shopping at Somerset ay 3.00pm and they finally settled with a present for Nicholas at 6.00pm. That made me wonder why did they do in that 3 hours :)

Nicholas brought our class people to his condo unit. Wah, I saw a plasma TV, then the bathroom was so well-furnished! He even have a piano at home and a plasma screen computer monitor with a cool-looking CPU. Omigosh he dared to tell us that he isn’t rich. Oh, and he has a cute dog too!

Sherlie playing with Nicholas’ cute little doggie ;) mmph so itchy when it licks my leg…
Other people playing with the dog… *so cute!!!*

Valerie trying out the piano. She holds a Piano 8th Grade degree if you don’t know ;)

One random shot at the girls eating ;)

Finally they decided to ask me to take a proper shot :)

Soaking up in the pool (obviously this is illegal according to the condo’s law).
(From left) Weiwei, Shirley & Samantha.

We “painted” the word 75 (we’re from the class 06S75) on the side of the pool with our legs. (against we went against the condo’s law)

In the pool (illegal activity again?!).
(From left) Shirley, Claire, Siyun, Samantha and Eunice.

In the pool (Take No. 2)
(From left) Eunice, Shirley, Samantha, Siyun and Claire.

We gave Nicholas a surprise by convincing him to go to his condo unit while we waited somewhere outside his house. We surpirsed him by holding a card containing individual alphabets in the phrase “Happy Birthday”. He was so touched!!!!!

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! :mrgreen:

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