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Last Day Of JC Orientation – Pure Fun!

Yesterday was the last day of the JC orientation. My seniors told me that this year’s JC new intakes are the most lucky people as we can enjoy up to 2 weeks of orientation fun! They said they had only 1 week of orientation last year. The last day of orientation was just full of fun and excitement! I was so sleepless the night before yesterday as I can’t wait for the exciting events on the last day of orientation.

The main event in the morning was the Wargame. My JC was famous of this legendary wargame where the 4 faculties (Apollo, Ares, Athena and Artemis) were pitched against each other. It is a free-for-all game where the members of all 4 faculties use self-made water bombs to blast each other. So, the school field is separated into 4 equal sections, each faculty taking one. The rule of the game was easy – each faculty has to build their own fortress, which is surrounded by a ring of tables. Opponents are strictly prohibited to go beyond the ring of tables. We were given water bombs to hit other faculties shirt which is hung on the fortress. Below the faculty shirt there are 2 water bottles. The faculty with the less water in the bottles will win the game.

My faculty’s (Apollo) basecamp is located at the bottom left corner.
Starch, with the chemical formula C6H10O5 becomes the ultimate weapon of the councillors stationing along the border lines among the 4 faculties. Eager to run to your opponent’s territory to blast their faculty shirt with your precious waterbomb? Wait a minute… you must get “starched” by the councillors. According to reliable statistics, the amount of starch and water used were 100kg and 200 gallons each. Wow, impressive amount of concentrated starch solutions.While crossing the border to Ares I got starched by KARIN and SAM. When they saw me, they said “Hey Terry, you look so clean, come over for a second.” Then I go starched. Thanks a lot for the starch on my hair, that took me 90 minutes back in the hostel to clean up ;). That was worse for the girls who kept long long hair and then got starched during the game.Within 30 minutes after the game Jamie (the chairperson for the organising commitee for the Oreintation 2006) sounded the siren more than 5 times. Upon hearing the siren participants of the wargame have to squat down (sounds like a rioting crowd with the police and military department). The first siren was sounded because the Apollo people went to the Athena’s area and destroyed 90% of their water bombs. Well, logically thinking Apollo isn’t wrong to do so. Athena is a little bit ______ [censored] to place the water bombs outside their fortress instead of under the fortress (remember, we were strictly prohibited to enter another faculty’s fortress). The next few ones is because some people used dirty bombs instead of water bombs (i.e. starch bombs, dirt bombs, grass bombs etc) and some people nearly went into serious fighting (physical contact).After getting starched by KARIN and SAM (thanks again ;)) I started to get really dirty in the wargame. At first I was quite afraid of getting starched, getting muddy all over the body, getting drecnhed, getting thrown into the starch pool located at the intersection point of the faculty borders. After getting starch, I went into the starch pool more than 10 times… even the councillors there recognised me and said “Wah you again ah?”. The starch pool is a small pool that contains water, starch, grass and dirt. Very dirty adn wet indeed :) But I just don’t give a damm, since I’m dirty already. I thought that it is a shame not to get wet after changing into PE clothes and sandals.The starch pool is the place where people from different faculties do forfeits together in order to get more water bomb plastic bags. Ech faculty was given a mere 750 water bombs, which was obviously inadequate for all of us (3 for each person… where got enough:?????:) We were asked to blow bubbles in the water (very murky and muddy water you know…), do sit ups, push-ups in the muddy water, sing a song while our whole body (except the head) was submerged in the yucky water, search for a while chess piece in the water and finally use your mouth to pick up the white cones under the water. Going through all this will earn us a straw, where we can go an redeem more water bombs. The main reason why I keep running back to the starch pool is not because my faculty do not have enough water bombs but I just like getting dirty and wet… it’s so fun! :D Well, according to some rumours councillors found a dead rat in the starch pool (where I blew bubbles and did other forfeits!!!!!)… but Karin told me the rat was alive and probably sneaked in after the wargame.
Coming up next is the aftermath of the wargame (lots of pictures, so enjoy! ;))

Shirley happily smiling although she also got starched by councillors ;)

Loshua posing a victory sign.

Poor Sean. Got starched until like that…

Poor Claire. “Walao the councillors lar…”

Claire and Siyun. Haha we look so funny in the photo.

Claire and Siyun. Claire’s failed attempt to hide her starched hair from the camera.

Hmmm where should we go and wash up? I feel very “starchy”.

Now let’s collect our bags and go washup.

Ready? The cameraman (obviously me) is standing by!

Cheese! Wargame is so fun (and starchy) :mrgreen:

Poor me… look at my head? Thanks again,KARIN and SAM.
Of course I ran all the way back to the boarding school to wash myself up. Luckiy the break is from 12.30pm to 3.30pm, so I got 3 hours to do the washup thing for my starchy head. The hair-cleaning part was VERY TRICKY indeed. When I attempted to separate the strands of hair stuck together by hardened starch due to evapouration of water molecules, hairs were pulled out from their freaking follicles that hurts like hell *ouch*!!!!! Argh took 90 minutes just to remove the starch. Maybe using saliva can speed up the removal, but I don’t dare. Remember? Salivary amylase converts starch to maltose (correct me if I’m wrong). Lol Brendan said he took 2 hours last year. Who ask him to spike his hair lor :DWhen I returned to school it was already 3.00pm. Bought a peach tart from the Fishtank. In case you don’t know, Fishtank is a cafe that kills our hunger and thirst by selling drinks and food and kills us with their bills (lol 1 cup of banana peach drink costs a wholly S$2.20 and a more satisfying drink of Milo costs only $0.50 at the canteen dispenser). We managed to rehearse our dance and fashion show once before going to the hall for a mass breifing by Jamie.The faculty judging was making me very nervous. I nearly tripped when it was my turn to walk up the stage during the fashion show. Sorry maybe I’m the one who caused my class to lose the chance to enter the campfire night’s faculty item judging. I really did a bad job… aih :cry:.Evening at 6.30pm we moved back to the central plaza to get seated. The campfire night was about to start at that time. Jamie was struggling to get all JC1 people to gather at the central plaza.

Preparation job before the event starts.
Jamie then ordered us to hand our class flags on the railings of either the left or right wing of the central plaza.

Hanging the class flag on the left wing! 06S75 rocks :D
The Let’s Jam sign between the end of the left and right wing:

Let’s Jam!!!!!!
After Jamie exerted all her strength on summoning all JC1s and JC2s to the central plaza, here came the big big crowd!

Omigosh look at the crowd! I actually sneaked up to the top most floor to take these photos :)
When night falls the faculty judging finally started. After all the faculty items, faculty dances and class flags, I still think Apollo is the BEST!!!!! The day before yesterday Kegan and Michelle (Apollo’s dance in charge) taught us the Apollo’s faculty dance. Although the dance is very complicated and difficult to learn, the visual impact it brings to the audience is incredible!

Under the beautiful moonlight, we cheered, danced and sang together as S75 (with our grand-seniors too!)
Later in the night Jamie set the Let’s Jam sign on fire! Cool!

Let’s Jam, people! Whoohoo~ the entire cohord was screaming in joy, as if they’ve taken Ecstasy.
Everybody was so excited after that. We sang many songs of the school.

Suddenly I had a sad feeling :(. It was the last day of the orientation already. Time flies. I could still recall the moment when I was so reluctant to come to school on the 3rd of January because I feared that many people will sure laugh at my size. I was so skinny and so short, resembles an African boy suffering from starvation and malnutirtion. We were grouped into orientation groups(OGs), after choosing our desired subject combination, we were split up and regrouped into classes. What a memoralbe experience – we played the human foosball, pinball, lost and many other OG and class bonding games. Then we met our seniors. I found out that they were really great people, unlike the seniors in high school who sabotage their juniors instead of helping them (okay I confess – I did sabotaged a Sec 2 guy last year). At first my class was separated into 2 parts – boy and girl. And as the days pass, we get to know each other more and finally we were finally a class!After the campfire night ended, our seniors and us went to the Bougainvillea Garden opposite of our JC to play some games and chitchat. In the end we even played with sparkles… how nice :)

Meeting up at the Bougainvillea Garden… ;)

Playing with sparkles (kids don’t try this at home, ok?)
I reached the boarding school 2 minutes before 12.00am. Lol ;) luckily I get the staff to sign the short-leave form before I went to school today. Phew. After bath, I smsed with Eunice, and then finally can’t stand the overwhelming tireness… so I fell asleep at 1.30am.Oh, before ending, I would like to inform my 06S75 classmates that if you want to download the original photos, you can go to the gallery. I’ve uploaded them :)Orientation was really fun!!! Lecture starts next week. Hmm I wonder who boring can the lectures be, as I got a letter from my angel. My angel claims that she was so bored during Biology lecture she wrote letter to me at that time. Wow~

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