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Things Are Turning Out Great!

Today is so great that makes it so special, the only bummer of the day is the wholly 2.5 hours talk in the auditorium. There were the student development talk, the PE and CCA depearment talk, library talk and the IT talk (mainly describing how we make us of the school’s IT system). My butt was getting so numb after sitting on the same plastic chair for 150 minutes! The IT department delivered the good news that we might be released early for recess if we don’t make too much noise… of course we got 30 minutes off the original timetable by being quiet people :)

There seemed to be a fatal system error to the Angel and Mortal game held. Well, both senior and junior class have 26 students each. This would mean that there will no occurrence of double angel or double mortal. However, I heard of Minyi that there was a double angel who took up 2 mortals from the senior class, and from a reliable source I can cofindetly say that there is as well as a double mortal, means 2 angels share the same mortal. Oooops. The senior class people (probably Kegan) suggested that we might need to replay the entire game. Ah, I would object to this idea unless there is really no way out. I have settled with my mortal and angel, and they are really great people. Don’t tell me I’ll loose them :cry: no~~~~~

Well, you might wonder why I choose to name today’s post “Things Are Turning Out Great”…

The First Great Thing: I got rejected by the choir. Of course some people might say it is a shame to loose to Edward and Khai Shin, but that’s my choice. I totally understand the consequences. Yay the God has answered my prayers yesterday night. Since the choral assemble requires a lot of commitment from their members, it is near impossible for that member to join the student’s council. If you’ve read my yesterday’s post, that’s the dilema I’m facing. I admit that at first seeing my name not on the list, I am struggling to hide my emotions from my classmates who accompanied me to check out the list. They’ve supported me in joining the choir, and even went there to support me. Sorry for the dissapointment. However, I am able to overcome the sadness in just a few hours. rejected by the choral assemble makes me stand a higher chance to enter the student’s council and a lower possibility to be crowned the name “The slacking councillor because he have to go choir”.

The Second Great Thing: The seniors went to see our full-scale rehearsal a floor above the Lecture Theatres (LTs)! Thanks a lot for your support! :D Kudos and “arigato gozaimasu”s to you all! Of course their presence really boosted the team spirit of my class.

The class rehearsing the dance to be presented tomorrow during the Campfire Event.
You can download the video here (2.70mb, 1 minute).

The Third Great Thing: We are completing the painting of the class flag and the costumes!

Claire adding the final touches to the class flag. The supervisors (from left) are Valerie, Sophia and Nicholas.

Well, the class flag was of course designed by Sophia, the very enthusiastic AEP student from Duman High School (3 cheers for Sophia!!! :)). Looks really nice, and it even have hidden meaning in it!

Here’s our class flag! Have you seen any hidden meaning :??????:

We belong to the Apollo faculty, so we have to put the name of our faculty in the flag to earn extra points ;)

We are also from Class 75, that’s why we integrated the number 75 into the word Apollo… cool eh? Thanks to Sophia for the excellent design!

The Fourth Great Thing: We’ve finally learned part of our faculty dance! We juniors were totally astonished with the difficulty of the dance when Kegan and Michelle (the dance in-charge from my faculty Apollo) when the demonstrated the dance on stage. Luckily they guided us step by step, and found that the dance is super unique, super fun and very cool indeed!!! Special thanks to Kegan and Michelle :)Today evening I also discovered how stupid can I be. I didn’t know that UHU glue actually reacts with styrofoam! This reaction causes the UHU glue to loose its “stickyness” and also causes the corrosion of the styrofoam, creating a horrible big hole on the poor styrofoam board. Sophia told me that she knew that when she was P6, and I only knew about it 5 years later… wah I am really a stupid idiot!Oh, and tomorrow is the last day of the orientation, so please look out for my reflection of the 2 week orientation tomorrow night (hope that I still have energy to type lar… ;)). According to Karin and Brendan, the war game on tomorrow is going to be SUPER DIRTY, since we are going to play with WATER BOMBS and STARCH! Omigosh, it will be very very dirty indeed.Can’t wait for tomorrow to come![Edit]: There seemed to be a problem to my blog commenting system after upgrading my wordpress. Well, the problem is that the blog won’t update the number of comments posted for a post. I’ll try to get this fixed soon… sorry to let you bear all this.

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