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Tiring But Fun Day + teddY’s Dilema

~ * ~ Tiring But Fun Day ~ * ~
Today is fun and of course, tiring. All of us find ourself so tired that we barely make it from the place where we make your banners to the official class bench in the late evening. Phew, we made it! Luckily I didn’t drop the whole box of paint, paint brushes and murky paint water on the groud.During civic tutor’s (CT’s) session today, we elected our class management commitee (CMC) members. Due to overwhelming response Sophia become your official CT representative, Jeremy becomes the assistant CT rep, Valerie the treasurer, Claire the secretary, Terry the Bio rep (argh I got sabotaged lah! The whole class just voted for me :cry: boohoo~), Nicholas the Sports rep, Christopher the IT rep and bla bla bla (ooops I forgot the rest, so look out for updates tomorrow).

Early in the morning I came to school just to put my letter to my mortal in the box. But there were already a few female seniors there (not really nice to list their names out, lol :D), so I have to do it later after the flag raising ceremony. Oh, forgot to explain to those about this really fun game. This game is called Angel and Mortal. The angel will choose their mortal via a lucky draw. Each angel will have only one mortal. The angel should not reveal their true identity until Valentine’s Day which is on the 14th of February (1 month to go!). Lol I wonder whether my angel is reading this post :)

In the afternoon went for CCA exhibition, decided to join the choir. The audition was freaking me out. I was so tensed that my legs are trembling while I was singing, and nearly went off-tune and nearly pitched the notes wrongly. Phew~. Later in the evening we went to do the class banner. I was shuttling between the guys who’re doing the Stomp performance (using kitchen utensils, broomsticks and metal bars to make a symphony) and the gals who were struggling with the class flag and the costumes. The jam jar costume really gave us a headache as it is really hard for us to make the cupbaord cylindrical.

Went back to the boarding school. Shortly after taking my bath the fire alarm rang. Oh sh*t it’s the annual fire drill. Wasted 30 minutes. Used 1 hours to write letter to my angel (I’ve got my letter from my angel whose identity is to be revealed only on Valentine’s Day). 1 hour to write this post (this is a VERY LONG POST). Aih no time to eat, so have to go to bed with a hungry and protesting stomach. :(

~ * ~ teddY’s Dilema ~ * ~
However, I am now facing the greatest dilema in my life. I went for the choir auditions today. Well, the audition girl asked me whether I will participate in the school council. I said no, although my heart says yes. Acoording to a realiable source, replying a yes means a big NONO to your entry to the Singapore’s top notch choir. After the auditions I asked a few choir seniors and they said it is not really wise to join student’s coucil if I join the choir. I wonder why is this so.I know that joining the choir requires a lot of effort and time. It might screw up my studies, but I am fully prepared for that. For the past 4 years in high school I felt like a total loser. I was so quiet that nobody realise I was once studying in the high school. I didn’t care much about school politics. I was not intersted in student’s coucil. However, I wanted to change myself this year. My new year resolution is to be a totally different Terry this year. I am going to try my best in everything, try out all opportunities, do not let go any chance, make as much friends as possible. I want to make my singing dream take flight, and I also want to realise my dream as a councillor which will help out in school events and oreintatins.

Sadly, CHOIR AND STUDENT’S COUNCIL DO NOT MIX. To my dear seniors who are reading my blog – is there any workaround for this problem? I wish to be a councillor, but at the same time,be a good singer. I am willing to sacrifice my Saturday and Sundays for the next 2 years, since these are the last 2 years I’m going to enjoy a truly student’s life. Is it possible for me to make an appeal?

I am afraid that the student’s council do not want me if I joined the choir. I am equally worried that the choir do not want me if I joined the student’s council. I am also wondering if I leave choir, but then in the end I failed to be elected as a councillor. What should I do?

I want to make as much contributions I can to my school in the next 2 years, no matter what the price is. I decided to be a more enthusiastic, more socialisable, more friendly, more easy-going student. I cannot stick to my old self in the high school times…

Help anybody? Thanks! :) Any help greatly appreciated.

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