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Finally Upgraded To WordPress 2!

Omigosh, the new WordPress 2 looks totally different than WordPress 1.5! Really, you have to believe me! A shoutout to WordPress users:

Please remember to upgrade your version of WordPress to version 2.0 because it really adds cool touches to your current blog!

How different is WordPress 2 from WordPress 1.5? Okay, according to some online articles, WordPress 2 has undergo a najor change, making posting easier. These can be only understood by developers. Anyway, for normal wordpress users like me, you’ll sure get stunned how the development team has upgraded the blog dashboard:

You see the difference? Click thumnail to view original image (image size 129kb)
The wordpress development team really did an awesome job :mrgreen: good job, peeps!!!!! Oh, and those who really want to upgrade their wordpress, please remember to follow the proper steps of upgrading wordpress, which can be found at the WordPress Codex page. And lastly, please remember to BACKUP YOUR DATABASE! You can lose all your pictures, templates… these can be done again veyr quickly, unlike the database where all your posts goes to!Cheers! :D

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