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Ultimate Fun

Today is a fully exciting day. Besides going round the school playing station games in the morning, we went round the school playing station games in the afternoon :?????: … sounds pretty funny eh? Thanks to the wet weather. Instead of having the chance to play the Amazing Race (college version), we ended up playing indoor games due to the wet afternoon. The worse thing is that we didn’t get really wet for the entire day (excluding the part where we walked back from high school canteen in a heavy downpour), although we were told to expect wet dirty games today. My pair of sandals were then happily collecting dust in my bag :).

Now we are playing a game which converts the entire school ground into a real life battlefield. It is called the Mission Impossible game, where each of the JC1 students are assigned to kill a person from another class, which forms a catching cycle with my own class. 2 classes form a cathcing cycle, instead of the whole school. Lots of rules are stated, so much that I am just so lazy to type them out. Nevermind, looks like my fingers allow me to type a little more…

  • We can only kill the person in the same catching cycle – his / her name will be displayed in the online system.
  • We can only kill the person when there is an absence of other catching cycle members.
  • We are now allowed to use force, i.e. drag your victim to a secluded place and kill him.
  • We are not allowed to cheat… DUH!!!!!!
  • We must surrender our mission start cards if we get killed.

Okay, let’s move on.

In my high school times, Monday is always the worse day. Besides trying to pull yourself together after a great weekend where you have fun under the Singapore sun, you have to revert back to the normal school lifestyle, attending lectures, going for lab sessions, assemble and a whole lot of school homework to hand in. For the first time in my life I hoped that the weekend get lost quickly. I can’t wait for today’s game sessions and the senior + junior class dinner session. Wheeee~ :mrgreen: it’s finally Monday.

Monday evening, 6.30pm. Seniors and juniors from classes 05S75 and 06S75 respectively meet up at the class bench just beside the central plaza. Kegan took a long time struggling to get all of our McDonald orders jotted down.

7.20pm. Discussing about the campfire event on Friday night and gossiping.

Everybody got so bored that we started playing games called “Milk”. It is a game where we can’t repeat the actions of the person beside us. If we really do, we get eliminated. Well, I think I’m the first 5 people who got our asses kicked. *ouch* :D

8.02pm. Playing the game called “Milk”. I’m out *boohoo*

Finally our patience paid off. Here comes the food, in boxes! I think McDonalds was so frustrated with the mass order so they just dumped everything into cardboard boxes and gave us only chilli sauce (tomatoes leh?).

8.09pm. Yay here comes the food (in 3 ~ 4 boxes). Grab some and let’s eat!

When we were busy distributing the food stuff we got 2 seniors obviously trying to get VIP treatment. *Just kidding* They were actually the ones distributing food minutes before.

8.09pm. Cheers! (featuring Brendan [left] and Kegan [right])

8.10pm. Erm you take the gas drinks. Erm you take the burgers. Erm don’t go away first. Erm who ordered Big Mac?

8.12pm. *Screams* Who turned off the lights? Mmmmph got to go canteen and eat liao.
*Complaints* The security guard is always pissed.

Well, so instead of enjoying the meal at the class bench we ended up muching in the dimly-lit canteen. Lol I thought of lighting a few candles to create some romantic atmosphere. Okay, anyway we really had a great time today, especially for the dinner. :)

Special thanks to Karin, who said that…


[Edit]: We have picked our mortals. Well, the game is about angels and mortals, where the angel chooses his / her mortals and write to them. Angels should try not to expose their true identity until Valentines Day where the angels and mortals exchange gifts. Seniors has picked their mortals from our class list, while we also pick our mortals for our seniors’ class list. And my mortal is _____ (censored). :D


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