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Orientation Group Outing @ Marina Bay

Before I start my post…

I might be starting a new category called “Wednesday’s Weekly Wiki”. I got thisconcept from Rei when she started to post educational posts on her blog. Well, I really learned quite some new things from those posts, for example, the definition of Deja Vu. Educational posts will be posted every Wednesday. However, if I am far too busy to go online on Wednesday, I will post it on Thursday.

Okay now, back to my post ;)

Yesterday night, 9 members of OG #36 attended the OG outing at Marina Bay. (Why I suddenly feel like writing a school report? :)) Okay, we were supposed to meet at the Marina Bay MRT station at 4.00pm. Jiexun was the first to each the MRT station, followed by me, Jasper, Yumin and a couple more people. While waiting for others to come, we were having an entertaining and juicy gossip session at the MRT station :D

At 5.00pm. Some people had not come so we decided to take bus 400 to Marina Bay, and wait for them at the whole row of steamboat shops. Wahtoon managed to join us before we boarded the bus. Upon arrival at the row of steamboat shops, we went to play pool first. Everytime I am the person watching others play, but this time Yumin somehow forced me to play with everybody else. This was my very first time playing pool! The stick itself is so heavy upon contact I nearly dropped it onto the floor. Anyway, we booked 2 pool tables, and 8 of us are divided into 2 groups – the professionals group and the noobs / first-timers group. Of course, I joined the latter.

The professionals group.

The noobs / first-timers group.

Well, I think I am the lousiest among the 5 that was playing on the first-timers pool table. I missed the balls like 10 times, giving Wahtoon and his teammate ample chance to win us. Maybe I am really not born to play pool. At least Wayqi didn’t miss any. I missed 10. Gosh.

An hour later before leaving the pool center, we took a group photo!

I look so ugly… :cry:

We went to one steamboat shop, booked 2 tables and went off to get lots of food. Actually we only took meat and a little amount of vegetables.

Food! Food! Food!

Smearing butter on the hot plate.

Poured the meat on the hot plate. The sizzling of the meat was accompanied by projection hot oil molecules that really stings! *ouch*. Lol, my hand was so oily after the cooking. Yumin was the great cook yesterday as she kept cooking and cooking and cooking and all of us (or maybe me only?) kept eating and eating and eating. I felt so ashamed afterwards as she can only really sit down and relax and eat when we were almost full.

Evidence – Yumin’s hand on the right. See? All of us were just EATING non-stop.

8.00pm. We went back to the MRT station since we have nothing to do there anymore and have no obligation to clean the plates for them. So we resumed our gossiping session at the MRT station while Jiexun plays the quitar. Suddenly there is this guy with dyed hair came and borrowed Jiexun’s guitar. I was like “Eh what the hell are you trying to do” in my heart, as I never met such a rude stranger. Okay, then he asked us lots of stupid questions like “Are you Chirstian?” and bla bla bla. The most offending thing is that he even attempedto squeeze in our circle (we were indeed seating in a circle). Luckily he left us at 9.30pm.

At 9.40pm (wow we really can gossip a lot – 1 hour and 40 minutes of talking!) we boarded the MRT train bound for Jurong East. I was the one who suggested to leave as the boardgin school curfew is at 10.30pm. So I got 50 minutes to get back to Bukit Timah. However, when Wahtoon, Yumin and I alighted at Newton MRT station,it is already 10.00pm. I didn’t expect the train ride to be a wholly 20 minutes!

We waited for 15 minutes at the bus stop and decided to take a taxi home. If we continue waiting at this rate, I’ll sure be late as the bus will take about 25 to 35 minutes to reach the bus stop outside my boarding school. There were so many taxis that went pass us – they’re hired taxis, duh. While furiously waiting for an empty cab Yumin asked me what is the penalty if I get back after curfew time. Well, I’ll have to wash toilet everyday for a week!

Luckily Wahtoon spotted an empty cab while we’re talking about the penalty thingy. The driver was a kind and humble old man. Lol :lol:, he actually thought that the MRT train caught fire when I was kidding with Yumin that I’ll need to use this lame excuse to explain my absence after curfew time .

Back at the boarding school I immediately took a bath as the taxi driver said that 3 of us smell like steamboat! So tired after taking bath I slept without brushing my teeth. Whoops.

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