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The Unexpected

The Unexepcted #1 – I didn’t really expect seniors to visit my blog. And poof here comes Yahting from 05S75. Dropped 2 messages in the previous post, and I am so surprised. Thanks Yahting, and by the way, do that post really convince you that you seniors are so horrible? Nah, everyone gets nervous before meeting new people ;) Hope you don’t mind.

The Unexepcted #2 – Yumin called me yesterday evening about the OG #36 meeting at Marina Bay MRT 4.00pm today. Lol, when I was group into my class I never thought of having an outing with my OG members. Called her up minutes ago and found out that many of the OG members are turning up! Yay, I’m sure that it’ll be a very sweet and intersting outing. If possible I will upload the pictures of the outing asap (maybe by tomorrow afternoon?)

The Unexepcted #3 – Okay, this had been mentioned yesterday. Brendan as my senior + my OG leader. Whee~ from yesterday’s junior meet senior session he seemed to remember me. Thanks Brendan for calling out my name when we’re playing whacko and I kena whack *ouch*

The Unexepcted #4 – Yanmin, Wilson and I went to Lot1 Arcade today. Didn’t really expect others to follow Yanmin as we three are the Penang Trios since last March. For details please read the Penang Exchange Programme posts. In the end at the Chua Chu Kang MRT station I saw Siew Hong with Yanmin. How sweet. Lol both of them were wearing orange shirt so they made Wilson and me think that they’re lovers (in fact we have been calling her sister-in-law behind Yanmin’s back).

Pictures belongs to The Unexepcted #5.

The Unexepcted #5 – After looking through the referrals list from Sitemeter.com, shockingly most visitors are from search engines. Does this mean I blog things that ranges from technology to festivals, disasters to funny events? And the most popular search word to my blog is “12 STIs“, which means 12 SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES. Well, the post can be found here. It is actually a funny flash movie made by some UK site to promote safe sex during festive seasons. Modifying the lyrics of the “One the first day of X’mas my true love gave to me…” song to fit the 12 STIs theme really makes it funny! Eh, the hyperlink on that post doesn’t work as the UK site removed the flash movie months ago.

The Unexepcted #6 – I didn’t really expect myself for posting now, since I’m supposed to meet members of OG #36 at 4.00pm. Hope this counts as the sixth unexpected event.

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