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1st Week Of Orientation – FUN

4 days of orientation really let me see another side of my JC. Well, frankly speaking the 4 days of fun and lectures (day 1 and day 2) and scolding (by Mrs Foo from the notorious biology department [quoted from Brendan] ;)) really screwed up my sleeping schedule. Don’t know about those of the councilors, but what I do every day is back to boarding school, bath, read Newpaper, SLEEP. Wake up at 10.00pm, do nothing but desperately trying to sleep. Slept officially at 3.00am, woke up 5.30am in the morning. :)

I’m from OG #36, Brendan as leader (sorry I spelt your name as Brandon days ago). I’ve never dreamt that he will also be my senior. He really gave me a REAL shock today morning as he told me that he’s from 05S75 (I’m from 06S75). I was like going omigosh omigosh omigosh for the entire day. My class was led my Karin, also from our senior class. We played ice-breakers like whacko so that we can get to know each other better.

Dr Siva is our civic tutor (CT). Lol he was so serious when he was addressing the class, but luckily I can stop myself for laughing really loud. Sorry no offence but I think it is really fun how he struggle to pronounce our names correctly. Anyway, Dr Siva seemed to be a really good teacher and a good project work mentor (quoted from Karin).

The event that really make us to exhuasted is the dancing session, Wild Wild West. We are literally getting wild and crazy during the session as people at the back of the hall just can’t see how the dance IC make their dance moves. So me and Samantha were just like hopping and jumping around while Karin was painstakingly trying to teach us how to dance. Thanks!

At 2pm we finally can go for lunch. Met Yaqi and Wang Wan along the way. Okay, both of them are from Nanyang, and they participated in a drama play with me 2 years back. I could still remember how we cried :cry: behind the stage after the Lee Kong Qian drama in 2004.

Last event of the day? Meet the seniors session. The entire class was like “Omigosh dunno how will our seniors treat us” and “hmm dunno what surprise will they give us”. After speding a wholly 20 minutes (perhaps, 30?) on introducing all the seniors and juniors, we started to play Reverse Whacko that is totally fun! I had Justine as my parter, then I became the whacker. Then I fell into the victim of Robert although Karin (my partner then) claims that she could memorise names well. Haha :D

Oh and yup, if you really do want to see my seniors, they can be found over here. Reading their blog makes me feel so ashamed as for the past 4 years none of my class had an official class blog.

After dismissal my class discussed about the class item and banner to be presented during campfire held on next Friday. Of course our skid is 100% related to the orientation theme “Let’s Jam!” and 100% funny. Can’t wait for the class skid rehearsal ;)

One more week of oreintation to go! :mrgreen:

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