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Try This Out #2

Got this fun thing to try out!

Step 1: Get your music thinger ready, put it on random, and play.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 3: Let everyone guess what song (and artiste!) the lines come from
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly – or let people know who got it.

Eh, no googling the lyrics, duh.

  • Beneath it’s snowy mantle cold and clean, the unborn grass lies waiting for its coat to turn to green.
  • 竹林的灯火, 到过的沙漠, 七色的国度, 不断飘逸风中
  • Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me
  • Drip, drip, drop, little April shower, beating a tune as you fall all around
  • I think I did it again, I made you believe we’re more than just friends
  • No I can’t forget this evening, or your face as you were leaving
  • Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you
  • I can see the pain living in your eyes, and I know how hard you try
  • 是谁说的漂亮女生没大脑, 只懂得爱美和傻笑
  • 回忆里想起模糊的小时候, 云朵漂浮在蓝蓝的天空
  • 是否很惊讶讲不出说话, 没错我是说你想分手吗
  • I used to think that I could not go on, and life was nothing but an awful song
  • I Believe, 当我在你家门口, 下雨了, 你看了也会难过
  • 今天是外婆生日, 我换上复古西装, 载着外婆开着拉风的古董车兜兜兜风
  • 心跳乱了节奏, 梦也不自由, 愛是個絕對承諾, 不說, 撐到一千年以後
  • 雨下了, 又停了, 淚流了, 又乾了, 你走多久, 多遠了, 我還在這
  • 誰還記得, 是誰先說永遠的愛我, 以前的一句話, 是我們以後的傷口
  • You can dance, you can jump, having the time of your life
  • Yesterday, I had a dream of you, forget your love away, but I’m in love with you
  • Someday, when we are wiser, when the world’s older, when we have learned

Good luck! ;)

[Edit]: Answers are now out for unanswered questions :lol:

  • Anne Murray, Snowbird
  • 飞儿乐团 – 千年之恋 (guessed by Bingyuan)
  • Robbie Williams – Beyond The Sea
  • Disney Choir – Little April Shower (from the movie Bambi)
  • Britney Spears – Oops I Did It Again (guessed by Michelle)
  • Mariah Carey – Without You (guessed by Michelle)
  • Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (guessed by Jiayi [next time pls no qn mark])
  • Air Supply – Goodbye (guessed by Bingyuan)
  • 蔡依林 – 爱情三十六计 (guessed by Bingyuan)
  • 飞儿乐团 – 我们的爱 (guessed by Bingyuan)
  • 卢巧音 + 王力宏 – 好心分手 (华语+广东) (guessed by Bingyuan)
  • R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly
  • 范逸臣 – I Believe (lol striking resemblance with the song up there :D)
  • 周杰伦 – 外婆 (guessed by Bingyuan)
  • æž—ä¿Šå‚‘ – 一千年以后 (surprisingly nobody guessed)
  • 王心凌 – 明天見
  • 張惠妹 – 記得 (guessed by Bingyuan)
  • Abba – Dancing Queen
  • Cherry – Yesterday
  • Eternal – Someday

Finally, million sorrys and koutous to Bork for taking his Meme ideas…

Thanks for participating!

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