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An Enjoyable First Day In Junior College

4 years, 1461 days (including 29th of Feb on 2004), 35064 hours, 210 thousand minutes and 126 million seconds passed by me so quickly that I even didn’t notice it is 4 years already. 4 years ago, I am short, skinny, innocent, perfect moron and a 100% newbie, steps into the compound of my high school. 4 years later, I bid goodbye with my high school teachers and enters the gate of a new learning environment – junior college.

In Singapore, after primary school, we are enrolled into a high school where we receive 4 years of solid information,learning lots of skills like how to memorise notes quickly, how to push the food down your oesophagus as quickly as possible before the bell rings, how to say “I go see teacher loh…” when you are late for a lesson as you went to play street soccer, how to use to class computer to play games without letting the teacher know, how to sabotage a classmates by stealing his Chemistry notes a few days before a test, and many more “how to…” ;)

I woke up as early as 6.15am in the morning because I am expected to attend the unofficial post-holiday gossip session held in the junior college (JC) canteen at 6.40am sharp, although the official gathering time for all JC1 students is at 7.30am. Of course, the session is participated by lots of my classmates like Yanmin, Junkai, Jasper, Jason, Bryan, Jiayi, Weixiang #1, Weixiang #2, Wilson and etc. We have a nice time talking about our holidays and future life in the JC. It is sure an exciting and juicy gossip session. *laughs* :lol:

The first event awaiting us at the JC auditorium is the acedemic breifing. Although it is sort of boring and sleep-inducing, I am struggling to keep myself awake as important information are being dished out faster that burgers in McDonalds. Later comes Mrs Foo which make many of us unhappy because she keep emphasizing that High School boys are not punctual (this is over-generalisation), and I immediately sensed 1000 eyes staring at me and other high school guys. Oooops.

Afternoon, Yanmin, Tristan, Bingyuan, Wilson, Jonathan and me (and many other people which I can’t remember) flocked to the high school section canteen for lunch. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the high school and college section share the same school campus. The canteen had a make over during the school holidays and now it looks like a food court. Argh, why didn’t the school renovate it in the year-end of 2003 so that I can enjoy my last year in high school using the renovated canteen in 2004?

After lunch comes the real fun. We are assigned to 36 different orientation groups (OGs) lead by different leaders (OGLs). Among the 30+ members in my OG (the very last OG, OG #36), I only can recognise Soonhuat and Jasper. Poor thing. Then we participated in some ice-breaking activities to know each other more, and at the same time I managed to memorise a few of my OG member’s name, including some females (okay, please don’tget excited. We’re forced to do so ;)).

The best part of today’s orientation is the dancing part. We randomly select a partner and then learn to dance with each other. Luckily the first 2 dances requires boys and girls to dance separately. But at the 3rd dance, at a segment of the dance we have to hold each other hands and do some Bomchacha action. While I was hesitatin whether to grad my partner’s hand, she, named Charmaine, grabbed mine first. I was so ashamed of myself because boys should be those who are more opened people while girls wait for the byos to invite them. Ooof. :oops:

Back at the hostel, I was totally exhausted, and I’m now left with a small amount of energy left for me after typing today’s events out. I’ll try to bring my camero tomorrow and take some nice candid shots! See ya.

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