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Very Unlucky New Year Day

Hi there everyone! Before I start my post, I would like to say millions of sorries for not updating my blog lately, because I have been very busy attending MOE meetings and unpkacing my stuff into my new room. Oh, and wish all of you reading this post and / or any part of my blog a Happy New Year! May luck, prosperity and health be with you always!

The 1st of January 2006 started off as a wet new year day. It’ve been raining since in the morning. At 9.00am, mom and dad who have spend 2 nights in Singapore came to my boarding school to fetch me, then we proceeded to little brother’s hostel. We went shopping at Bishan Junction 8 and ate at Food Junction. Everything seemed to be normal until we approached Suntec City.

At the roudabout exit to Temasek Avenue at Suntec City, a green car was using the left’most lane although it has no intention to navigate a turn to Temasek Avenue. My dad wanted, but we can’t overtake. What we can do is to wait the green car to move ahead so that we can make our turn into Temasek Avenue. Suddenly that idiotic driver of the green car engaged the emergency brake. In order to prevent a possible collision, dad engaged the ABS system and the emergency brakes too. In a split second, we heard some WHAM and BANG sound that scared the hell out of my brother and I who were sitting at the back passenger seat. When we turned out head to the car boot, the back windscreen came crashing down due to the strong collision of a SBS Bus (Service number 133) with our car. We screamed and shiverred for a wholly 10 minutes. 80 Eeeeek!!!! This is my FIRST time getting involved in a car crash! I nearly cried because I was simply so shocked and scared :cry:.

Luckily the bus driver admit his mistake. But the green car has ran away because he knew that he was wrong. Damn it! All of us were in the state of shock that we forgot to jott down the green car’s number plate. Later at the police station we lodged a police report so that we can claim the insurance. I took some pictures of my 1 year old car. Poor thing. :(

The dented car boot and bumper. There goes the windscreen.

Our luggage covered in small pieces of shatterred glass.
Golly, the windscreen is hanging onto its life! (Half outside,half inside)

Sharp pieces of the broken windscreen.

Woah. Cracks everywhere.

Later in the afternoon we went to a shop to buy some plastic sheets so that rain will not get in the damaged car boot. It is really a tiring job to seal up the big gap behind the car! Phew. Mom and dad departed for Malaysia, since they need to work on Wednesday and need to get enough rest on Tuesday.

At night, I took out some debris and placed in on my study desk. Took a picture of them.

Remains of the shatterred windscreen.

What an unlucky start for year 2006!

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