Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

January 2006

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!!!

Hi there everybody! Well this blog has been left unupdated for a few days because of the slow internet connection at grandma’s house. Since then I only learned how to treasuere things that I once enjyoed before… people is always like that. When we are busying enjoying ourselves in luxury, we never ever though of […]

Schoolsick & Feeling Super Guilty

Maybe you would not believe what am I going to splurt out – I miss school so badly! This will be my longest absence from school and from my friends since school reopens on the 3rd of Janurary this year. Although it is like 4 days of holidays I can fight the feeling to rush […]

Whacky Wednesday

Whacky Wednesday! Lots of things happenned today… loads of fun and excitement! I’ve never regretted I joined the Integrated Programme and entered this JC ;) This JC is full of passion and energy! I love this place! The GP lesson in the morning was sort of boring and freezy. Not because Mrs Samuel can’t teach… […]

Transition Period

Hi everybody. Don’t be worry about me, ok? Although I may appear quiet and alone, I am actually figuring out things myself. I am trying to dismiss the fact that I am experiencing serious and fatal emotional trauma and struggle, and desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the bright side of life. Well, sorry […]

Colours Of The Wind

My feelings… mixed up as as whole.


Apparently I did posted an offensive post a few days ago. Not about politics, so not the government who knocked on my door. Not about bad things in school, so not the Ministry of Education knocked on my door. Not about racial issues, so not the police who knocked on my door. The post irritated […]

Open Apology From teddY

hmm u sure u can take it if ppl are honest to u? =o maybe one of them is tt u shld learn to think thru wad u wanna say (or actually, write) before letting it shoot out. say for example this entry. within a sentence i think u’ve offended like 357468406 ppl. -.^ if […]

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Hello Easter Egg hunter! You've discovered the magic of the Konami Code!

Yea. You probably know what the Konami code is before getting to this page. So now what? Here is a randomised YouTube video on my favourites list... which includes Rickroll, if you're luck enough to get it.

You are currently watching Hilarious beer commercial. Loving it? You can even watch the video in its full screen glory :)

The Konami Code:
Konami Code sequence