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What drives you nuts?

I’ve read this article in the Reader’s Digest Asia Januray Issue. The article examines why and how Asians feel about possible sources of irritants. It even tabulates the sruvey conducted by Reader’s Digest to show Asia’s Top Irritants. Below is the result from the survey:

Asia’s Top Irritants

Bad drivers 86%
Queue-jumpers 86%
Spitting in public 84%
Poor services in shops / restaurants 82%
People who drop litter 79%
Poor personal hygiene 77%
Dog mess in street / park 75%
People who swear 74%
Noisy neighbours 69%
Smoking in public places 69%
Unpunctuality 68%
Computer crashes 66%
People talking loudly on mobile phones 66%
Crowded public transport 60%
Telemarketers 58%
Internet pop-up ads 56%
Road works 55%
People who don’t say please / thanks 49%
Automated telephone switchboards 43%
Plastic wrapping you can’t open 40%

Well, personally I am okay with almost all the irritants listed above except for people smoking in public, people jumping queue and poor services in shops / restaurants ( and also immigration offices!). This is because these things are really getting on my nerves when they happen just in front of my eyes and I can’t stop these things to happen. :mad:

I really have low toleration level to those who smoke in front of me, and those who purposely puff those carcinogenic gases right onto my fcae when I stare at them in disgust. I never liked smokers. Firstly, as the government, textbooks, moms and dads said, smoking KILLS. I kills the hell out of you by literally eating up your dear lungs that supply you precious oxygen. Secondly, second-smoke is even mroe harmful. I wonder whether smokers actually care about others breathing in their sickening breath and their second-hand cancer-causing smoke. There are too many cases to prove that second-hand smoke is much more harmful that the smoke the somker breathes in. In many places around the world, wives or husbands of smokers die before their smoking spouse, as they breath in too much second-hand smoke. Every time I see a smoker I would like to sort of kick his butt and ask him to smoke out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Going home to smoke will harm your family members while smoking in open spaces harms the general public. So you’ve heard it, smokers. Don’t smoke in front of me, or not I’ll be the last person you’ve ever seen!

I also cannot tahan (means tolerate in English) queue jumpers. People queue up so early in the morning to get something and these losers just get in the queue by emrely squeezing their body in. If I see these people, I will just ask them to scram to the very end of the queue. Don’t they know that queuing is actually a test for our patience? Queue-jumpers are thus very impatient people that is so eager to get the end result without experiencing the process. Let me tell you, experiencing the process in far more important than success. Sometimes a successful person don’t get as much as people who fumbled the same task.

It is a fact that Malaysia lacks good services. In restaurants and shops, some workers that chat their day away instead of attneding to the customers. In this way, how can you get your customers to trust you? Everytime many service-based companies in Malaysia give their customers surveys to know how good are their service. Due to the lack of good service, their always get suggestions and negative feedback. Instead of thinking a solution to the problem, they continue to provide lousy services which blew up amny Malaysians brains. In one big bookstore in MidValley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, I have to wait for the freaking cashier to finish her mushy talk with her boyfriend so that she can attend to me. What the hell? And when my mom rang up a pretegious bus company, the line is always busy because the workers are using the COMPANY‘s phone for PRIVATE matters… argh!

This world is full of irritants… bleh.

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