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Tiring Day

The end of year holiday is drawing to an end, while mom and dad found out that we have still a lot of things to do.

I woke up as early as 6.00am in the morning because the whole family of four need to submit our International Passport application at the Malaysian Immigration Office (Subang branch). The worst thing is that there are aleady more than 100 people in queue when we reached there by 6.30am. This is so freaking frustrating! The frustrating thing is not because of the long queue but the low efficiency of the Immigration Office. I have to experience this long waiting for my turn to submit my application every 5 years, since the Immigration Office do not offer passport renewal services a few years back.

Among the 13 counters in the Office, which opens by 8.00am (we stood like little Primary kids got scolded for doing something wrong for a wholly 90 minutes), there are like 2 or 3 counters that are operating. Then when we submitted our application as a family, the counter guy suddenly said that our application is not valid (although we followed the instruction on the Malaysian Immigration Office website), and mom needs another 3 copies of her IC.

You must be dreaming if you see there is no queue in front of the photocopying centre. The queue is like 50+ people long and there are always morons potong jalan (means cut queue in English) :mad: bleh! We waited for an hour queue just to get mom’s IC photocopied 3 times, which costs RM$0.90 instead of RM$0.30 (market price). Dad suggested that we open a photocoping shop outside the office and start our own business.

After submitting the application form we need to WAIT TO PAY the application fees. Is there anything in the world that needs you to WAIT TO PAY THE ITEM YOU’VE PURCHASED?!?!?! After waiting for 1 hour for OUR TURN TO PAY, we left the office at 10.00am. Oh great.

Back at home I started packing my stuff, since I’m returning to Singapore on the 29th of December. Golly! There is so much for me to pack, and I thought that I can use these 2 days (today and tomorrow) to pack my stuff, but mpm says I have to pack them all TODAY. Wow.

Now, I am totlaly exhuasted and just need a sweet afternoon nap. *zzzzz*

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