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50 Months

50 months has passed, so quickly.

50 months ago, my family was returning from a shopping mall when my mom’s handphone rang. A family of 4, listens to the ringing of the handphone. Mom picks it up. Aunt Tang called. She told my parents to come to her house and drop we 2 kids at home. She have something to announce.

“Maybe she’s announcing here wedding date with her fiancé, Uncle Justin,” mom whispered to us while dropping us down in front of my home.

Time passed. It was 1am in the morning and my parents have not returned home. My brother suggested we call mom. I called, but nobody seemed to pick up the phone. We got very worried. With a worried heart, we slept in the living room.

The next day, my parents have not returned home. The car porch was empty, and we were almost starved to bits. The house phone rang. 2 brothers, listening to the ringing of the house phone. Brother picks it up. Mom called. She told us that one of uncle died in a tragic accident in Indonesia.

We cried. That uncle is the uncle that treated us the best, and was the only son of my mother’s third aunt. When they broke the news to her, she collapsed.

He was a great person. When he was young, he quitted school to work because he wants to help his mother to pay for his 2 younger sisters’ school fees. And then he was sent to Indonesia to inspect the setting up of his office’s branch in Jakarta.

When the crane was lifting the cargo box, one of the chains snapped. With the pull of gravity, the cargo gained momentum, and smashed right into my uncle. He died instantly, due to excessive bleeding.

Now I still miss him a lot. He is a good uncle, a good son, a good brother. He even bought a car for his sisters and mother to use before he went to Indonesia. For the first few weeks after his death I dreamt about him every night. I could still remember how he tickled me whenever he see me. He plays guitar for his girlfriend, and brought her to Pulau Langkawi for a great holiday. They went diving, shopping and eating.

Now he is gone, forever. The company’s owner is still paying the “debt” to my mom’s third aunt at a price of RM$5000 every month. He vowed that he will only stop paying the debt when his company shuts down.

50 months has passed. A few days ago my family and my mom’s third aunt’s family went to his grave, giving him food he liked the most when he was alive. My mom’s aunt wept when she talked about how she missed him.

50 months.

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