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Back At Home, Happy At Last

Yahoo! I am back at home now! I am waiting for this time to come for such a long time.

Looking back, the past few months are really very frustrating and tiring. I fell sick just before the exams, and when I return to school I found out that I have a whole lot of stuff (Physics, Chemistry,Biology and bla bla bla) to cover, the exam paper turned out to be God damn tricky. Then we met the fuming Laura who said that they could not tolerate anymroe turancy (I wish I am not asked to elabourate more about that incident).

Now it’s all over. I’ve packed my things weeks ago, as I can’t wait for this day to come. I finished all my O Level Papers (Higher Chinese Paper 1 & 2, Malay as Special Programme Paper 1,2 & 3). I’ve submitted the JC scholarship form (which many people have not submit yet).

After 5 hours I reached home. What a relieve!!! We got stuck as the Tuas Custom for an hour, so no prize for guessing why we took 5 hours instead of 4 to cover 350+km of journey.

Stuck at the custom. So frustrating.

Happy holidays, people! :D

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