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Possible Asteriod Collision On 1st Feb, 2019

End Of The World on the 1st of February, 2019?

For the past few weeks I have continually received lots of chain mails warning that an asteroid labelled 2002 NT7 will put the Earth to an end on the 1st of February, 2019. That’s about 14 years later from now on.

Yes, I have heard about this news before, broadcasted all around the world when this asteroid that measures 1.24 miles across was discovered. The worse thing is that the asteroid was on the collision path with Earth, and both planetary objects will collide on the 1st of February, 2019.

However, recent onlie articles claim that the possibility of the asteroid smashing right into Earth has drastically declined. Experts from NASA predicted that there will be a 75,000km miss from the Earth’s outer most atmohsperic layer on the day labelled as “the end of Earth and mankind”.

Below is an example, taken from Planetary.org:

“We are still monitoring 2002 NT7, but it appears that the impact probability might have already started the typical, inexorable decline that we normally see in these cases,” says senior engineer, Steve Chesley, of NASA’s NEO program office at JPL. “We picked up more observations yesterday and ran them through the impact probability and risk scales and all have declined.”

Asteroid 2002 NT7 still tops the list of NASA/JPL NEO Impact Risks because of the low-probability Earth impact prediction for 2019. But Chesley and other asteroid experts assure that the sky is not falling, and the rock will, in all probability, at this stage, orbit safely on by come 2019. “While this prediction is of scientific interest, the probability of impact is just not large enough to warrant public concern,” reassures Chesley. “It is unusual, but it’s not anything that would deserve as much attention as it’s gotten.”

On the other hand, NASA experts rated the asteroid 2002 NT7 0.06 on the Torino Impact Hazard Scale. The image below is the scale.

The Torino Impact Scale

However, some astronomers think that although the asteroid 2002 NT&7 will miss Earth on the fateful 1st of Februaru 2019, it is still on the collision orbit with Earth. It will either near-miss or hit the Earth in 2035 or in 2051. But they do believe that the possibility of the asteroid hitting Earth is very minimal.

I really hope that the asteroid will miss Earth. By 2019 I am still 30 years old, and I might not have get married yet *oh dear*. Yup. That’s why I hope it doesn’t come right into our face.

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