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Yesterday is the grand finale of my high school life. It was a happy day for most of us, as we are not only getting back our long-waited report booklets and also a day that tells us that we are going up the junior college.

Sounds happy to everyone, sounds happy to me too. But then I can’t still stop myself from felling a little sad. 4 years of high school life passed so swiftly that I rarely have much memeries about my lower secondary life. Well, I still retain some, of course. I remember how Mr Gu grabbed Shawn Lai in his neck and dragged him to the headmaster’s office, how Mrs Teo screamed at her top of the voice as we didn’t complete the Chemistry equations, how Mrs Ling was being insulted by Tiap Yang and brought him to the discipline master’s office, how Mr Goh cleaned our classroom by spilling buckets of soaped water around the classroom, how Ms Koe lessons are interesting and sometimes sleep-inducing, and also how Ms Ng joked about daily life happenings in class.

From the windows of my sec 1L class, I see the drama centre, palm trees, the benches outside Lecture Theatre 3 where Mr Jeffrey Lim always meet Malaysia scholars.

From the windows of my sec 2L class, I see the canteen where I’ve been having lunch for more than 1200 times at least, the gym where the sweat of the gymnasts dripped, the fountain plaza that signifies wealthy and prosperity.

From the windows of my sec 3J class, I see the tower block where all sec 3s are eager to squeeze into by having good year-end results, the Block C open area where many students persue their chapteh dreams, the sec 2 class where I’ve been there last year.

From the windows of my sec 4J class, I see the jade-green untouched football field (as instructed by the disciplianry master) glimmering under the morning sun, the track & field athletics running on the 400m track under the tar-melting afternoon sun, the open space between the science block and the clock tower where the school gardener takes care of his precious flower bed.

4 years, 4 different scenic views, 4 different feelings.

Sec 1 I was stupid, slow, lag and a wondering idiot. I was totally a sucker in English and History, Got frequent scoldings by Ms Kala and Ms Teo.

Sec 2 I was still stupid and the greatest loser in school.I fumbled in English and Math.

Sec 3 I was unlucky and unhealthy. I was admitted into hosptial for brain concussion. I was caught by Ms Teo red-handed for using the class computer.

Sec 4 I was easy-going, and also a fun-loving person. I have make most friends this year, and finally got an A1 for Math Exam. I am lucky to have Mr Lee, Mdm Ng, Mrs Loi, Mr Chew and Ms Koe as my teachers, Tristan, Bingyuan, Yanmin, Weixaing (Low Weixiang, not the other one), Wilson, Junkai, Lujie, Jason, Bryan, Weijun and Wuxi as my very good friends. Thank you all very much.

Now it’s over, it’s finale. Although things are now being eaten up by never-stopping time, they exist as life-long memories in my heart.

Thank you all my friends, wish you good luck.

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