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Transporter 2

Director: Louis Leterrier

Starring: Jason Statham, Alessandro Gassman, Amber Valletta, Kate Nauta, Matthew Modine

Frank Martin (Jason Statham), an ex-Special Forces operative, retires in Miami and picks up a driver job that fetches the son of the wealthy Billings family to and from school. The father, Jefferson Billings, is the well-known anti-drug officer in the region. This makes their son a prone target.

One day their son was kidnapped. And this is not a normal kidnapping crime. He was injected with a fatal virus, and the main target of the virus is to kill Mr Billing that acts actively against drug smuggling. This is when Frank defies the FBI and works relentlessly to get the boy to safety and discover the kidnapper’s master plan.

The movie is far more exciting than the summary above. Okay, movie spoiler ahead, as mentioned above. There are lots of actions scenes and gory scenes. I like the part where Frank uses the fire hose to whack a bad guy’s you-know-where-that-thing-is part. Ouch. There is also a part where Frnak was forced to drive his car which has been planted a bomb by the Italian mafia. He spinned the car 360 degrees in mid-air so as to let the crane knock off the bomb underneath the car before it blew. Cool.

Before you can catch your breath, Frank is on the goose-chase for the antidote. After a series of heart-stopping action scenes, he finally got hold of 2 bottles of the antidote. Forgot to tell you that the virus injected into the boy’s body gets airborne quickly, so the Billings family was infected with the virus, and the father is attending a anti-drug conference. The main aim of the mafia is to let the virus enter the conference and kill the sh*t out of all the famous representative all around the world. Frank was in the middle of the road with the 2 antidote, as the scientist that created it tossed it out of the window. Car came crashing into each other, and one bottle of antidote was destroyed, Frank was left with one. He injected it into the boy’s bloodstream.

Mr and Mrs Billings are still infected. The mafia wanted to stop Frank from getting the antidote, so he injected the remaining antidote into his bloog. He went up a plane, and Frank followed. They fought in the mafia’s private plane, and the plane crashed as the pilot was shot. Frank saved the mafia in order to obtain the antidote.

Happy ending. The Billings family was saved, but the director didn’t mention a bit about the infected officers that attended the conference.

A good movie indeed.

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