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This topic is going to stir up some discussion, and this topic is going to be really sensitive. Before starting the post I would like to say that what is written below is real, names are protected and MY comments.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a report on a newspaper, about some doctors in Singapore are somehow forcing thier patients to believe in Christianity. In an hour’s diagnosis period, they can spend up to 30 minutes talking about Chirstianity and saying that how believing in Jesus can help his patients heal faster. But this is not the part that gone wrong. They are merely spreading Christianity, which I know is the responsibility of a Chirstian. However, after the talk, the doctors are now forcing their patients to follow Christianity. This is sort of absurd.

And now I found that this problem does not only come from doctors. I knew an adult which is not a doctor. Let’s name his John* then. I knew him last year. At first he approached me, telling me about how good is believing in Christianity. I listened to him, and tried not to tell him that I’m a devoted Buddhist, since he strongly believes in Chirstianity and is halfway talking.

A few weeks later, he attempted to give me a Bible. This is when he became really forceful. He insisted to giving me the Bible, which means that he wants to convert me to Christianity. I told him that my parents would mind as they were Buddhist too, and so their son…

The following Monday, he shouted to me unexpectedly, deeply hurting my heart. I did not offend him whatsoever, and do not know why he wanted to do so. I suspected that he was unhappy because I do not want to be a Chirstian.

After that incident I tried to stay away from him. But he was so thick-skinned that he even wanted to take me to Church. This is really beyond my toleration. He can’t do that to me. And he even used the same tactics on my friends too!

He has a follower, named Jack*. Jack was a really devoted Christian, but I am not against it, as everybody has the right to believe in what they want to believe. But he crossed the line, as John. Jack wants more people among my friends to be converted to Chirstian. The main problem is that we are all Buddhist. This is very disturbing.

Finally one day a several of my friends’ parents complained to the relevant authority, and John was assigned a warning letter. He is then barred to meet us anymore. He was infringing our personla freedom, in the word of spreaidng his own belief.

I am saddened of course. When I was young, I know many adults and children (same age as me, or slightly younger) who are devoted Chirstians. They do not force people into Christianity. After their attempt failed, they never tried it again on a specific individual – I believe that Chirstianity also believes in personal freedom, right? And after that they still are my friends, and treated me as well as before.

I just don’t get it. Why things can turn out like that?

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