Hello there. I am Terry and I am a full-time undergraduate based in Singapore. I take photos, write a blog and design websites.

And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

November 2005

Moron #1

This is the dumderest scamming email I’ve ever recevied from an online scammer. Labelling him Moron the First (Moron #1). Read the email he send me and you know how stupid he can be. I am Mr. T. smith , deputy senior regional manager at Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance in Yorkshire. I have urgent and […]

Spammers… Argh.

For the past few weeks, my blog is somewhat doomed. It is being spotted by spammers, who attempts of flood my entire shoutbox with all their brainless comments and stupid links that lead you to PORN sites, ADVERTISEMENT sites. These sites bring you ADWARES, SPYWARES, TROJANS and VIRUSES. :( This is sort of sick, and […]

50 Months

50 months has passed, so quickly. 50 months ago, my family was returning from a shopping mall when my mom’s handphone rang. A family of 4, listens to the ringing of the handphone. Mom picks it up. Aunt Tang called. She told my parents to come to her house and drop we 2 kids at […]

Mini Photoblog #3 Is Up Too!

After hours of hardwork I finally got the Mini Photoblog #3 up on the server. Phew! :) It is all about my trip down to beautiful Penang for 5 days… interesting photos and events you can find in there! Check it out!

Check This Out – Email Time Capsule

Have you heard of a time capsule? It is about putting some stuff that signifies the people or objects in a certian time in a metal box, and then opening it up like 10 years later. Quite fun indeed! A typical time capsule. However, this email time capsule works differently! You enter your email, message […]

Sweet Wedding Photos

Well, I have been away from my blogging lifestyle for quite some time. Last week my family went back to Penang, where almost all my 100+ maternal CLOSE (a.k.a. DIRECT) relatives live. Yes, my maternal side is really a big family tree! We went back to beautiful Penang to attend my grandmother’s younger sister’s son’s […]


Pool Photo taken during the class outing on the 15th of November. Lol. :)

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