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The Last Hurdle

Approaching the last hurdle. Almost the last one. Last one for others, but not me. We will have O Level Higher Chinese next Monday, 31st October, which happens to be Halloween too. Bad luck? i don’t think so. I still have Malay as Special Programme O Level. Should be managable, so I’m not really very worried compared to Chinese.

Lujie was practising his sarcasm on me today. Great to know that he has transformed from a really sarcasm noobie to a true Sec 4 student. He keep sayng like “Walau your Chinese so good still need to study meh…”, “Looks like somebody here no need study lohrz”.

The last hurdle, the last exam, the last assessment of the year. The first and last O Level exam (smiles :D). Confusion, panic, anger, happy, worried, all mixed up. An emotion melting pot.

People may come out relieved, some may have the strong feeling to punch the wall. Some may want to celebrate at Marina Bay, have a good steamboat dinner buffet, some may want to strangle the one who set the paper. The problem is, this will happen 2 days later, and to be exact, 57 hours later. Cool countdown eh?

Sorry about all the ramblings. My mind is totally stuck, the train of thoughts is sinking in deep mud. Yikes.

But what makes me a little happy is that the school exams are over, and we are about the celebrate it. Aih, we still need to attend another week fo school after the Higher Chinese O Levels, how frustrating. Today bad news came, rumour that was being spread around the Sec 4 says that quite a handful of peeps can’t get pass the gate, means that they can’t go to JC by hopping on the IP anymore.

The class above mine (literally, as they’re on the 1st floor while mine is on the ground floor) has one. My class? I don’t know, but it is suspected to be none, since nobody informed Ngmy. She was relieved, so do us. But this might be temporary. 4L has a few, seemed to amount to a horrible 6. Why not 7? And why am I being so sadistic? Anyway, those who can’t hop on have to come down, means that they need to be retained for another year, and can only take fill O Level syllabus the next year and they have to say farewell to IP.

Oh and lastly, several people I know are leaving the school at the end of the year. One is Goh, the other one is Wayne (yes, it’s Wayne). Goh is going to (*blank* – I don’t know, so let’s wait for the Biorep to fill it up), okay, somewhere, while Wayne is going to Australia. Goh is a good mentor and teacher (okay, quite a good teacher). Projects that he mentored mostly went into the Grand Final, just that his Bio tests are horribly hard and confusing (you can ask my classmates, as we’re taught by him last year). No wonder Har had a word with him earlier this year.

For Wayne, my friend, he is not going to JC. Poor thing. We verbally abused him for the whole year (okay, not that serious), but he seemed to be too lag oblivious anout that. He’s a good person, warm hearted and helpful. A good friend to be. Good luck and study hard over there, okay?

That’s all for a very confusing post of mine. Hope that everything will settle down after Monday. Bye. :)

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