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Maple Story Patch

Hi there! I am also a Maple Story player, a.k.a. Mapler.

A few days ago Maple SEA has launched a new patch, from to Wow, this patch is extordinary – it measured a wholly 88.0+ megabytes. No wonder download.maplesea.com has reached its maximum bandwidth and when I attempt to download the patch, it says that the “Service Is Unavailable” due to exceeded bandwidth. How horrible.

There are millions of people playing Maple Story in South-East Asia, and I think it isn’t a good thing to release such a big sized patch in one go. The file size is far too big. Dial up users and also broadband users suffer as the bandwidth of the downloading site has reached its maximum. Now the Internet connetion speed is no longer the limiting factor.

I really wish that I can upload it and let all of you download, but this is ILLEGAL. I might violate my server’s rules and regulations, have my website suspended. MapleSEA might sue me, then I’m broke but also famous. Ain’t a good thing, eh?

Anyway if I really can upload it and it is LEGAL, my bandwidth is only 1 GB a month and now my bandwidth of the past 18 days is already 300+ megabytes. If I upload the file, many people will come and download, and there goes my bandwidth.

So sad.

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