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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Back In Action

I’m back to school. Finally the virus has miraculously left my bloodsteram, leaving me as fit as a fiddle. Well, the doctor says that I’m now immuned to it, so I do not really need to worry about contracting the virus again.

Hmmm, well I think the virus that left me nearly coma is not some new strain of virus. So Junkai, don’t be so worried about that. Hope that the virus won’t get a hold of you. Trae, I really do hope that the virus is sort of some new virus, but too bad that it is some already exisiting virus (I don’t know the name, but it is in my medical report). I really do hope that I can name is like Teddo Influenza or something.

Finally I went through Biology and Physical exams. I am so happy that I can finally burn thsoe notes, hehe. Not chemistry notes. I can only burn them 24 hours later, as I have Chemistry exam tomorrow. Maths Paper I on Thursday, High Chinese Paper I on Friday. Sort of stupid as they arranged the three sciences to be tested consecutively. This wekk’s exam schedule sure stirred up some argues, but then it’s almost over now.


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