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Birthday In Hospital

Sorry guys, making all of you so worried. Yes, I am not blogging for so long because of the coming exams, but now because I am admitted into the hospital.

I am a suspected malaria victim, but thank God the blood test results came out telling me that I am a malaria-negative. Mum fetched me back home on Sunday from Singapore, so that she can take care of me when I am in the hospital. I was admitted into the hospital on the 3rd of October, my birthday. It is my first time I celebrate my birthday in the hospital (exclude the day when I was born).

My sickness is caused by a rare virus (the doctor say it is somehow a mutated virus not given a name – nameless virus). It let my body show about the same syndrome as a malaria victim – tiredness, muscle stiffness and bla bla bla (except for rashes and breathlessness). No wonder the clinic over in Singapore suspected I got malaria. Mum says that I should be lucky I was admitted into the hospital fast – the consequences of the virus, if left untreated, will lead to comatose and even brain-dead. I was freaked out after hearing this.

Thanks guys for all your concern. Can’t type anymore as my right hand has a needle stuck inside it for daily blood test and a constant supply of glucose solution. And oh yeah, for my classmates, don’t worry and don’t spread rumours that I’m dead long ago. And anyway I’m not brain-dead (or not I’ll not be blogging here now). Good luck for your exams too… tomorrow you guys have oral defence for your major research paper right? Good luck.

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