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The Little Prince

The Little Prince

It is one of the most inspiring stories that I’ve ever read. Unlike other fairy tales like Cinderella, Aladdin and Lion King, it is the one and only saddening story. It has thought me many philisophies viewed at a child’s perspective.

Life can’t be always perfect. Life is not always easy. And sometimes, life may not always be meaningful. Let’s take the rose on the little prince’s planet. She has 4 thorns, useless to defend anybody. She is proud, but only the little prince sees it.

I’ve learnt that we cannot give up on things. We must be punctual. What happens if he didn’t clear the sprouts of the monkey bread trees? They’ll occupy the entire small little planet he has. He have 3 volcanoes, 1 dormant and 2 active.

The story doesn’t seemed to be meaningful until the end of it, where the little prince was bitten by a rattlesnake (he asked it to), so that he can abandon the old heavy shell of his and return to his planet.

The Little Prince. Us. Life. Death.

The story has taught me that many people are ignorant about things around them – they see it, and then assume thta they’ve never seen those things before. Our life is short, and we need to treasure it. Everytime we are so eager to get through a certain phase in our life that we ignore all things around us. We don’t know how to appreciate things.

We only know when we reached the twilight zone. Many people tell me that working is much harder than studying, while we students think that working is more fun that studying. Ironic irony =)

Read the book, and you’ll have a new look towards life.

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