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Looking Backwards

Looking backwards, looking to the past.

This week is one of the most hectic week ever in my life. Besides revision exercises being distributed in the class that can be sold for more than 50 cents to the old newspaper collecter, we have lots of revision tests happening. Some unpleasurable incident, which I am not really going to say about here, happened too, screwing things up.

Chinese common test was hard, according to Ng. She says that lots of people for 13/25 for the summary, and quite a lot failed the comprehension. Chinese summary and comprehension is totally different than that of English, hence we are having a hard time doing the common test paper on Monday.

Then comes Chemistry, Biology, Math tests, and every night I am just too busy studying I sleep at 2am in the morning, grabbing mere 4.5 hours of sleep a day. The lucky thing is that we’re on Integrated Porgramme, so besides sitting for the High Chinese paper, we are exempted from all O Level Examinations and enjoy direct admission to JC next door.

4 years, or 3 years, 3 terms and 1 week to be specific, I’ve been in this school. I can’t bear to leave this place. It’s such a good place to study, students are humourous and sarcastic, teachers are kind and helpful, lessons are resourceeful and interesting, sometimes joyful too. Why does 4 years have to go away so quickly? I really don’t know.

Looking backwards. Why not let’s look towards the future?

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