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MSN Messenger 7.5

A screenshot of the new version of MSN Messenger 7.5

A few days back in Malaysia I went to my cousin’s house and found him using the latest version of MSN Messenger – version 7.5. Okay, maybe I’m a little outdated, because I suspect it might have been released a few weeks or months ago. Well, just to spread the word that there is a new version of MSN Messenger available.

Not much changes are made, except for the login screen. Looks reall cool, clean and simple. It even displays your display picture so big! Wow! And this is the only version of MSN Messenger that allows you to choose separately among these few options – “Remember Me (remeber your email address)”, “Remember My Password” and “Sign me in automatically”.

Sort of cool. Below is a screenshot featuring the login screen. Notice the fancy “Add contacts” button.

The login screen. PArt of image is blurred to… *ahem*

You can go to this website to download it for FREE!!!

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