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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Maple Story

Yup, I do play Maple Story, in case to most of my classmates who think that I do not play this game.

I started playing it days ago, so this explains why you guys don’t know. I found it quite fun indeed and I just like killing the little monsters. They’re cute and maybe sometimes gullible. But I hate slime. You touch it, there goes your 12HP. And it jumps around all the place like Bork. Ewww.

Eye candy.

I’m not really sure aout the main goal of the game, but what I know is that after killing n number of monsters you’ll get a level up, and you got some points to increase yoiur stats. At level 8 you’ll get a job, and I chose to be a magician. Cool. Zapping monsters with lightning bolts and magic claws. Anyway I’m just at level 10. Yes, lousy. :D

Yesterday was tiring. Besides accompanying mom go shopping (oh yup forgot to tell you guys I’m back in Malaysia), I finished my 2 Math worksheets and half of the revision worksheet. Still need to study Chinese and do Foo’s homework. Argh. Oh, still got Mrs PMS’ (you know who) homework too.


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