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Girl Locked In Toilet Of A High School In Tampines, Singapore

Yells for help.

These are what the HDB flat residents heard yesterday night after a heavy rain. Spooky isn’t it? They first suspected it was some naughty kids trying to scare the sunlight out of the residents. But allthese sounds continued. They approached the fence near the school, and saw a 14 year-old schoolgirl trapped inside the female toilet. The toilet door is locked.

This is what happened yesterday night in a high school in Tampines, Singapore. The security, without checking whether is there anybody inside the toilet, locked the door, trapping the now horrified girl inside. She was pale, but she was in good condition when she was taken to the nearest hospital.

I wonder why such weird things happen. Out of neglect? Probably. The security guard might be used to the job of locking up toilet doors so much that he believes that he do not need to check the toilets anymore. Lock them up, and then go home. How irrensposible can this be? This incident shocked many people. Are the security guards really paying not much attention while working?

Nowdays terrorism is rampant, and so security is very important is public places, especially insitutions and shopping centres where many people would gather there. And this case have brought up a point that the security isn’t doing much – what happens if terrorists happen to strike?

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