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New Orleans In Chaos After Hurricane Katrina Hits

NOTE: Pictures are copyrighted to their respective owners / publishers. Quotes are all true, unless otherwise stated.

Arial view of flooded New Orleans.

Chaos outside the New Orleans Convention Centre.

Crowds outside the Lousiana Superdome.
“We pee on the ground. We’re like animals.”

Before (left) and after (right).
“It’ll take years to rebuilt this city (New Orleans)”

Devastated grocery shop.
“I sleep here with a big dog, an ugly woman and two shotguns.”

Rescue helicopter hovers above the devastated city.

Devastated New Orleans.
“The city is in total chaos. People loot shops for computer, food, water and jewelery.”

Wrecked casino, The Pirate Ship.

Ships being washed ashore by storm tides that measured 9m high.


A wrecked interstate highway bridge or a deck of fallen cards?

Everyone has witnessed the destruction that Hurricane Katrina has done to the city New Orleans. Ugly side of human is exposed. People loot for goods, food and water, not only to sustain their own survival but to also satisfy their material needs. Chaos.

May the souls perished in this disaster rest in peace.

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