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Ghostly Encounter #2

This is a true life story, experiencced by my good friend, Aloy*. I was chatting with him today morning, about 2am in the morning. I was wide awake at such hour because I need to revise for today morning’s Chinese test.

It is 1am on the same morning when he went to take a bath in the bathroom next to his room. Frnakly speaking I have to say that he have some guts to enter the bathroom at such hour because me myself doesn’t even dared to venture a step into the spooky toilets of the boarding school when the sky is dark.

Sorry for deviating from the topic for a little while. The reason why I don’t dare to venture into the toilets at night / very early in the morning because firstly, the toilet is dark. It takes a few seconds for the sensor to sense some movements and then turns the lights on (sensors are placed so to save electricity), and for that few seconds what is in front of me is a totally dark toilet. Secondly I have a fear of mirrors, called catoptrophobia (quite a slight one). And the toilet is full of mirrors.

So while he was bathing, he heard a weak and monotonous voice called out his name. He thought it was some prank and so he continued bathing. However, the knocking on the wall that separates the bathroom cubicles totally freaked him out. It goes like “tap tap tap (pause) tap tap tap (pause) tap tap tap…” He didn’t care to dry himself, nor bother to wash off the shampoo on his body. He grabbed his stuff and dashed right out of the bathroom straight back to his room.

I was like trembling like hell with adrenaline pumped all around my body when he recited his horrifying experience to me. And this is the 7th month, the hungry ghost month (okay, Jin doesn’t believe in it, me too, but after this experience I think it is time to change my way of looking at stuff like this), when THEY are lingering all around the place. Maybe THEY are peeping over my shoulder seeing me typing this out. Omg, this is spooky.

* Namce changed to protect his identity

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